question of law

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a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decide

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The Punjab and Haryana High Court has held that no penalty can be levied on a debatable question of law so long as all the particulars are disclosed to the tax officer.
A SELECTION of readers' views on the question of law and order gave overwhelming support to the further use of violence and not its prevention.
Beyond a SCAC, a defendant or the Crown can appeal to the Court of Appeal of the province on a question of law alone, with leave of the Court of Appeal.
of Cambridge, UK) investigates how universal membership came to be entrenched in the UN, both as question of policy and as a question of law.
If a question of law then arises, an appeal to the House of Lords is technically possible.
The judge refused the request, with the support of Chief Justice Bora Laskin, who pointed out the appeal was on a question of law, not the morality of abortion itself (National Post, Feb.
And I am advising the Prime Minister to ask his colleagues to avoid, in future speeches, further references to the question of law.
As a simple question of law, the Scopes case was open and shut, so the trial largely reversed the ways the legal system is supposed to work.
1) the ruling involves a controlling question of law or policy as to which substantial grounds exist for a difference of opinion;
The colloquium focused on the question of law reform in the energy sector and the 34 internationally-authored papers resulting are organized into section dealing with sustainable development and the role of energy law, legal issues in contemporary energy law, international energy law, comparative energy law, electricity restructuring, financing for sustainable energy, and civil society and the procedural requirements of energy law for sustainable development.
Whether that act constitutes "employment misconduct" is a question of law.
Review is necessary in order to settle an important question of law.
In this case the issue was the proper method of valuation, a question of law, which the appeals court can review.
In California, the courts hold that "[w]hether or not to give any particular instruction in any particular case entails the resolution of a mixed question of law and fact that, we believe, is .
A person researching some question of law ought to be able to quickly and easily derive an answer with certainty.