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a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed

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A query language is called adequate if it uses all concepts of the underlying data model.
The orthogonality of a query language requires that all operations may be used independent of the usage context.
XQUERY--It is possible to skip this step when a default query language is proposed by the target),
In the future, universal translators will automatically translate a query in one particular language into any number of other languages and also translate the results into the original query language.
The proposed research program is as follows: First a KDD query language has to be formally defined (prompting questions about desired expressive power, and so forth), then query optimization tools would be developed to compile queries into reasonably efficient execution plans.
First, let us formalize the definition of a secure query language.
W3C RDF Data Access Working Group produced the three SPARQL Recommendations issued today: the SPARQL Query Language for RDF, The SPARQL Protocol for RDF, and the SPARQL Query Results XML Format.
Content Search of the P8 CM repository using the Xpath or SQL query language.
The Web site provides software developers and IT architects with a comprehensive resource for navigating the complexity of today's application architectures via the power of XQuery - the XML Query Language under development by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
New Microsoft Technology Specialist Track is the Premier eLearning Tool for Structured Query Language Administrators
WSOD uses StreamBase's Stream Processing Engine, fueled by the standards-based next generation query language, StreamSQL, to achieve the fastest real-time processing of this portfolio data.
Co Usability - Remarkable enhancements to ModelStation's unique Visual Query Language for even more efficient dataset design
StreamBase's award-winning Stream Processing Engine, fueled by the standards-based next generation query language, StreamSQL(TM), offers the fastest Complex Event Processing software for processing real-time and historical data.
Business users can structure simple or advanced questions without using proprietary or complex query languages such as SQL.