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Synonyms for query




Synonyms for query

to put a question to (someone)

Synonyms for query

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When spatio-temporal query is processed, R-tree routing is applied for retrieval up to a certain index level which would be derived by the performance evaluation for IR-tree.
Based on itinerary, IR-tree performs routing for an interested region to process a query at the time when a query is given rather than setting up a routing path in advance for entire network regions.
Another research direction was to construct index or access methods to query XML documents for facilitating query processing.
1) In this study, we build materialized views from an XML document for each query to reduce the search space of queries, and also build auxiliary structures such as T-Bitmap and indexes to further accelerate query processing.
The malicious node tries to disrupt the query provision node by denying the worldwide top-k query result for long period with being detected this is called as denial of service attack.
In the query process to keep up accuracy of the top-k query score and notice the attacks, the replay information item contains results and additionally includes the path data using which the query provision node will confirm the replay path and assure that results are from authentic nodes.
(1) We tackle the challenge of QAC in a novel way by considering both the periodicity and the burst trend of query popularity.
(2) We present a novel method to predict a query's future popularity which results in a better ranking of query completions.
If a node x sends a range query command r, if r and y node management area intersect.
In Figure 4, assuming that node h sends a query R (shaded parts).
In Design view, go to the Design ribbon and click Append to change the query type.
Query expansion is a classic technique to reformulate the query, which generates diversified expansion terms to enhance the original query.
Based on the above discussions, in this paper, we propose a novel cluster-based privacy preserving query processing in wireless sensor networks.
A workflow may initiate a query to search at a point where the task requires information.
By using the query "has:nouserlabels" on the search bar, you will get all the mails you are yet to label.