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Synonyms for query




Synonyms for query

to put a question to (someone)

Synonyms for query

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0 now allows storing composed SQL queries in the Query Gallery.
Create a query with the Copy of Direct Materials Budget table as the source.
2011) proposed a declarative language called Performance Insightful Query Language (PIQL) which provides scale independence by calculating an upper bound on the number of key/value store operations for any query.
An example result for the above query is below, which shows that the query cache engine is available, but the query cache size is set to zero and therefore nothing will be cached, and the query cache engine will not actually be used.
This section focuses on specific techniques in query reformulation and user interfaces related to our work.
Therefore, ill-defined queries are very common in retrieval systems and a query refinement mechanism is necessary to help promote retrieval performance.
mdb and on OK to open the Query Wizard--Choose Columns dialog box (exhibit 4, page 54).
With these three fields, researchers were able to locate a user's initial query and recreate the chronological series of actions by each user in a session:
First, the much larger amount of memory addressed by the Itanium 2-based Unisys ES7000 means faster builds of OLAP cubes and much faster query processing.
com yields Websites that closely match your query, as well as those that are closely related.
The results of the query create a custom report or can be used to provide the initial qualifiers for use of one of the standard reports described below.
In designing the Quick Query system, planners understood the importance of maintaining user control over timeframes covered by the queries, types of incidents culled from the system, and the geographic limits of the searches.
NPDB is funded through government appropriations ($1 million in fiscal year 1992) and a $6 per query user fee.
hakia Galleries[TM] delivers categorized search results to a short query.
All queries in Access begin as select queries, but they can be changed to action queries using the Query Tools Design Ribbon.