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the quality of being given to complaining

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In his declining years it is the querulousness of one wholly out of sympathy with the age in which he lives which is the dominating note of his diaries.
It appears that the combination of Bruce's frequent complaints to the Minister, his querulousness and open distrust of Johnson's assistant in correspondence with the Minister, and his less-than-truthful assurances about the supply and quality of manitobite contributed to his failure to close a deal.
The feeling of the inward dignity of certain spiritual attitudes, as peace, serenity, simplicity, veracity; and of the essential vulgarity of others, as querulousness, anxiety, egoistic fussiness, etc.
Kol Nidre" is a distant echo of one of the best of Karl Shapiro's Poems of a Jew, "The 151st Psalm" (1958), in which querulousness gives place first to direct statement about God's presence in objects associated with both anxiety and daily survival and finally to prayer.
Moreover, his asceticism would vanish as quickly as his keffiyeh, to be replaced by an upper-class querulousness.
He has the most charming voice in the world, and a silvery querulousness that can flay without drawing a single drop of Blood.
It brought into question exactly the presuppositions which underwrite Bruce King's narrative: of an essentially Whiggish England, where multicultural life is an achieved fact and where future migrants, once they overcome their initial querulousness, will ease themselves into happy assimilation.
Furthermore, it is interesting to note that Ernst Bloch, the progenitor of contemporary utopian theory, argues that paranoia "reacts to the traditional powers with querulousness and persecution mania, but breaks them at the same time with adventurous inventions, social recipes, heavenly roads and more besides" (93).
If the occurrence of querulousness is increasingly better documented, its characteristics remain difficult to define.
Newton, a touchy personality (Jardine calls him 'socially dysfunctional'), nearly withdrew part of the Principia in response to the querulousness of Hooke and might not have completed and published the work without the constant support and encouragement of Halley.
They couldn't cope with my antagonism, my querulousness, my irritability, all of which are symptoms of brain surgery.
The defensive and occasionally self-serving tone of the oration would probably have been all too familiar, its querulousness expected from a humanist scholar.
He had been struck these days by a feminine querulousness that their peaceful intermittent evenings together in Boston did not reveal.
Lear delivers his opening partition of the realm before TV cameras until his querulousness gets the better of him and the plug, quite literally, is pulled.