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in a peevish manner

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The first is that Lewis was an absolutely hopeless judge of poetry, savoring Sitwell's gibberish and the "thicket of obscurities" (to again borrow the Zaleskis's apt phrase; Fellowship 433) that make up the Taliessin poems while querulously denouncing the great poets of his era like Eliot, or Pound, or Dylan Thomas, or Auden.
How hard it must be to make a decisive life change, as she did, to submit to whatever combination of lust and love propelled her, to indulge in freedom--but to land so querulously discontented decades later.
The Law[s] of Nature are the Laws of God," said this querulously questioning writer.
Or they will querulously demand, where's the evidence that the treatments these people use work any better than our chemo?
In his second series of Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better, currently being broadcast on BBC Radio 4, in a programme devoted to the virtues of patience, he recalled this week how his Welsh grandfather had introduced him to the concept/phrase 'Slowly slowly catchee monkey' and asked, querulously, "what part of that don't you understand?
When the chair called for questions (as Peter related the following day), an elderly woman in the audience stood up and announced querulously, 'My name is Simpson.
That we struggle still with building an African American literary tradition, searching ceaselessly and sometimes querulously for its first novels, first poems, and first autobiographies, shows us that, like the two-story white house north, slavery's shadows fall even here.
Although they move around the stage and even threaten to hang themselves--a proleptic threat of suicide that comes true for Carr's Hester Swane--they talk incessantly, constantly, querulously.
THE trapdoor to League Two is wide open and Walsall have spent the last three months edging querulously towards it.
Molotov refused, provoking Sir Alexander Cadogan, the permanent undersecretary at the Foreign Office, to write querulously in his diary of the "intolerable--and suspicious--mulishness of the Russians.
We read continuously except when interrupted," he explained to the poet Randall Jarrell, "then we sigh querulously 'But I never have any time to read.
Finally, in frustration, the historian querulously asked, "Well, then, what was the matter?
He packs the frozen peas with elan, and endures his querulously churlish customers with a certain phlegmatic charm.
While one woman querulously complains about those who failed to do proper homage to her father, composer of the Soviet national anthem, another speaks with horror of the women shot for refusing to report their husbands as enemies of the state.