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impossible to quench

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They call me through this hush of woods, reposing In the grey stillness of the summer morn, They wander by when heavy flowers are closing, And thoughts grow deep, and winds and stars are born; Ev'n as a fount's remember'd gushings burst On the parch'd traveller in his hour of thirst, E'en thus they haunt me with sweet sounds, till worn By quenchless longings, to my soul I say--Oh
But my heart is still afire with a quenchless anger.
The Quenchless Flame in Bishkek was cut off gas supply since April 24 over the gas debt around $10,000, Kyrgyz gas company deputy director Eugen Orlenko told reporters today.
Why was it that, with his fierce, bitter, and insatiate hunger for life, his quenchless thirst for warmth, joy, love, and fellowship .
They were, predictably, proving a distraction to the swarms of photographers who stalk the bars and lawns of Ascot snapping groups of giggling beauties to assuage the world's quenchless thirst for pictures of what is sometimes known in the trade as 'juicy' looking girls.
Katherine Kearns, reading the text through Jean-Francois Lyotard's writings on the sublime, points out that Edna's quenchless desire here mirrors the feeling of sublimity she experiences when learning to swim or on first hearing Madame Reisz play the piano.
And there hath been thy bane; there is a tire And motion of the soul which will not dwell In its own narrow being, but [will] aspire Beyond the fitting medium of desire; And, but once kindled, quenchless evermore, Preys upon high adventure, nor can tire Of aught but rest; a fever at the core, Fatal to him who bears, to all who ever bore.
16:12) Given the references to submerged hostility, we aren't surprised--after Ahab vows death to Moby Dick during his initial pep talk to the crew--to hear Ishmael say, "A wild, mystical, sympathetic feeling was in me; Ahab's quenchless feud seemed mine.