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Synonyms for queerness

a strange attitude or habit

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And so they all say it, knowing men and the queerness of men's love the way they think they do.
But, as there was nothing in either, to lessen the queerness, he thought he might as well dress himself, and settle the tall man's business at once-- just to put him out of his misery.
But Soloway says she wondered about the show's themes of feminism and queerness, and whether enough people would be interested to support the show.
This film's presentation of queerness is not nearly as in-your-face as in your other films.
There is a strange sort of queerness to the act of the Islamabad's incumbent ruling hierarchy, reflected so disquietingly this Thursday by its top cadres with their incoherent, indeed contradictory, statements regarding some supposedly TTP activists' release from the government custody.
The class will cover a wide array of topics, including the rise of Disney Princess; transition to adulthood; allies and appropriation; uses of culture across race, class, and gender; and bisexuality, queerness, and the female body.
Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time.
They do not allow any man to take off his "straight-acting" mask, no matter what his sexual orientation might be without assumptions about his manhood and, therefore still, his queerness.
Both authors suggest that queerness functions as an alternative ethical relation between parties, one grounded in equality rather than domination and relatively free of the visual logic of racialization.
Jonathan Morton elaborates a thought-provoking argument about the connection between queerness and artistic creation in Alain de Lille's De planctu naturae and Jean de Meun's Roman de la rose.
Notwithstanding the lyrical connection, Neal does not discuss how queerness unfolds itself visually in the video.
Edelman's definition of queerness implicitly follows and reignites Foucault's famous claim (a claim we need to hear more in a culture of increasing homonormativity) that homosexuality "threatens people as a 'way of life' rather than as a way of having sex" ("Friendship" 310).
Eleven essays then address "themes and perspectives," including representations of female sexuality, queerness in Bollywood, diasporic themes, nationalism and patriotism, technology and hybridization in the post-liberalization period, mainstream cinema use of music, science fiction, film censorship, and the advertising and marketing of Indian cinema.
Andrew Causey steers clear, for the most part, of the kind of psychologising that can kill off the beautiful queerness of a Nash painting, although he does sometimes seem to yearn for Nash's objects to take on safe and familiar human meanings.
Moro was the first Latin American poet to be accepted into Breton's orbit, but the issue of queerness is what (at least in part) catalyzed Moro's break with Surrealism: Breton's disapproval of homosexuality ended their friendship.