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a strange attitude or habit

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Most of today's emerging queer playwrights are committed to the cause of inter-sectionality, which investigates the permeable boundaries between queerness and the innumerable other categories of identity.
In describing queerness, Lucky says, "Most people think the closet is a small room.
Closer to home, how about Arthur Miller, whose Eddie Carbone insists that even apparent queerness is--must be--a legal violation?
The multiplicity of metanarrative constructions is textually foundational for appreciating the book's intent to "read Caribbean queerness in light of its specific cultural histories and present realities" (p.
Though she describes a feminist mother and other supportive relatives, Cristy rebels against her family's cultural expectation that queerness should be repressed.
I've been told to tone down my visible queerness, flamboyance.
It Runs in the Family is an exploration of queerness and roots.
I watched this remarkable emergence of queerness with puzzlement and mild jealousy.
The complex iconography of gender and queerness in Marnie is important because the film is perhaps Hitchcock's last great work; many of the films he directed after this began losing the substance and mastery that defined much of his early cinema.
Best known in the West as a (heterosexual) sex manual, and in India as a book of etiquette, I argue that in Dawesar's novel the Kamasutra becomes a source of distinctly Indian queerness, that both radically territorializes love and sex between women, and challenges dominant gay rights narratives that imagine queer liberation emanating from the West (see Ara Wilson, for example).
Kevin Ohi's Henry James and the Queerness of Style is one of the recent responses to this call.
Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time.
For Doan, queer theorists fail to make a distinction between queer lives (queerness-as-being) and queerness in the past (queerness-as-method).
Having found the articulated entanglement of class and queerness a death trap in Chapter 1, Henderson looks for more promising markers of class in mass-market media.
Despite the overlap between queerness and seafaring, my discussion will not focus on dramatic characters that explicitly identify as gay or queer.