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Synonyms for queasy

Synonyms for queasy

causing or able to cause nausea

feeling nausea

causing or fraught with or showing anxiety

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I have been queasy from the moment we set foot in the country.
The executive added that one of the key reasons for the deal and its timing is the strong tenant roster during queasy times.
Bill Thomason's picks seesaw amid queasy environment
The results support a theory that emotions incited by the rewarding or punishing outcomes of risky decisions generate physiological responses--such as a racing heart beat and a queasy gut--that then act as cues for making future choices.
This vision of Heaven as a colourful greeting card will leave you queasy in more ways than one.
As shown in the perspectives (which have a queasy affinity between graphic style and subject), the entire six-acre new development is to be under a glass canopy around what the developers call a 'spectacular water feature based on a canal theme'.
Reynolds stock, before he began to get queasy about cigarettes), and to drive the number two newspaper in Buffalo out of business.
No bags under her eyes from trying to sleep, no greasy skin, no queasy expression after the post-flight meal.
THE National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham has had to get in a stock of antiseasickness bracelets because its new 4D cinema is making visitors feel queasy.
Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia says she knows she is in love with Lembit Opik because "I wake up and feel queasy all day thinking about my man.
It's one of those rare live-life-to-the-fullest movies that manages to get its message across without making you queasy.
however, although Newcastle fans will be in need of their passports again, their smug sense of satisfaction will have been replaced by a queasy sense of uneasiness after the Uefa Cup group draw just before lunch yesterday.
Viewing the gossamer-thin tendrils of an extracted spinal cord made me a little queasy, but most of these isolated displays weren't too hard to take.
While Burns should be commended for taking on serious issues in these queasy times--assailing the vivid hypocrisies of Imperial America and railing against the soullessness of the passive media consumer--the studied artlessness that serves his technical program so well is ultimately unable to articulate the gravity of his newfound content.
But the drugs can also give patients a queasy stomach and bouts of vomiting.