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Synonyms for queasiness

a mild state of nausea

inability to rest or relax or be still

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Helping little ones cope with that terrible feeling of queasiness is very hard, especially on long journeys, but there are a few tips that you can try to help make the situation a little better for everyone involved.
QueaseEASE is very easy to use -- simply remove the cap, take a few deep breaths of the pleasantly scented aromatic vapor at the first sign of nausea or queasiness, and then replace the cap tightly.
Furniture vendors in particular are upbeat, despite some queasiness at retail.
We wanted to make a product that would act as a distraction for queasiness mainly steered toward use in pregnancy, though others can benefit from it," explained Erbaviva's Robin Brown.
Widespread alarm over perceived draw bias at the rebuilt Ascot is fresh in the memory, and every day the merest glimpse of the Topdraw box in the Post quickens the pulse of some punters and induces queasiness in others.
Perhaps, of course, they do--but given the way the piece lurches from Antonioni to Kant and back again, the overall feeling is of queasiness rather than arousal.
Initial queasiness will swiftly lead to severe stomach pain and vomiting which will last for a few days.
Ellingson's writing style makes the reader squirm and elicits feelings of discomfort and even queasiness.
And a larger group has difficulty maintaining weight, due to queasiness, nausea, and anorexia (loss of appetite) with antiretroviral treatment.
The sight of Gerrard in Chelsea blue may stick in the craw for a few months, but if Benitez is allowed to stamp his authority on Anfield in both the dressing-room and transfer market that queasiness will soon disappear, replaced by feelings of fresh hope and inspiration.
I'd had morning sickness with my first baby and that familiar queasiness prompted me to do a pregnancy test.
The effects may range from simple muscle tension to headaches, queasiness and "not feeling well or not feeling like one's self," says Vincent.
In February, lobbyists for Rhondda Against Nantygwyddon Tip (Rant) criticised the agency's draft report for claiming pollution containment at the Gelli tip was probably adequate and there was no evidence it had caused anything more than queasiness from bad smells.
This queasiness is reinforced by an anti-materialist streak that American evangelicalism seems to have absorbed during the 1960s and '70s.
I might add that none of the dozens of students (at a Jesuit college no less) who availed themselves of my service ever suffered any moral queasiness that I noticed.