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the 15th century in Italian art and literature

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Christian Williams made his comeback to the saddle after almost six weeks sidelined with a broken leg aboard Quattrocento in the novice handicap hurdle, but he had to settle for second behind Sir Peter.
While it cannot be said that Quattrocento humanist invectives make for the most gripping reading experiences (the present reviewer abandoned a projected study of invectives after barely escaping from the Poggio-Valla and Poggio-Filelfo exchanges with his wits intact), Rutherford has prepared the way for some intrepid soul in the future; his introduction, which restores the figure of Jerome as an important classical antecedent for the genre of the invective, will provide the groundwork for a more comprehensive investigation of a literary form that ranks as one of the most productive (in quantity, if not in quality) for many of the Italian humanists.
Now, perhaps, we can see that Morris' gaze at Donatello, with its declared anachronism--the Quattrocento artist's name beside Duchamp's and Pollock's--isn't concerned just with a "modern" interpretation of a historical work, or with a personal one, but with a certain state of knowledge in art history, a state that it actually alters.
The final chapter delves into the emerging role of the female consort in the late Quattrocento and her power within the male hierarchy.
If Jacopo's verse, quoted at the outset of Pantano's project, fails to strike a familiar chord for most of us, the same will be true for countless others he patiently flushes from the literary underbrush for his chronological flow-chart of Petrarch's fortunes at Ferrara in the Quattrocento.
In perhaps the most groundbreaking chapter of a collection already full of startlingly innovative scholarship, David Peterson opens the collection's section on religious issues by exploring the virtual oblivion from Quattrocento historical memory of the War of the Eight Saints (1375-78).
Rees claims that Ficino had a decisive role in generating the cultural creativity of Florence in the late Quattrocento but is more convincing in suggesting that Ficino hoped to inspire a similar outburst of creativity in Hungary.
The great textual revelations of the opus, however, stern from its quotations and citations from the vast devotional and spiritual literature still in manuscript produced by the Italian mendicants of the Quattrocento.
Alberti e la nuova direzione dell'umanesimo rinascimentale" is a general analysis of the new direction in Quattrocento humanism inaugurated by Alberti, especially the ability to appreciate texts of every type, including technical treatises, works of humor, and books by 'bad' writers that are nevertheless useful for the wisdom they contain.
A Renaissance Architecture of Power: Princely Palaces in the Italian Quattrocento
2 at Galleria Quattrocento in Bonifacio Global City.
In a field as extraordinarily fecund as Quattrocento Florence, the role of women as patrons of art has been notably absent from the historiography.
This volume, Part D, of the Backpack edition begins with chapter 14 and page 400, and covers late Medieval Italy, late Medieval and early Renaissance northern Europe, Quattrocento Italy, mannerism in Cinquecento Italy, high Renaissance and mannerism in northern Europe and Spain, the Baroque in Italy and Spain, and the Baroque in northern Europe.
La ricostruzione storica dell'eta degli incunaboli si arricchisce con la pubblicazione di quest'antologia di sette scritti composti negli ultimi decenni del Quattrocento, aventi come oggetto l'esaltazione e--soprattutto--la demonizzazione della stampa (novita la cui scoperta si puo porre idealmente in sintonia con un altro cambiamento epocale di cui s'intravede oggi l'inizio, grazie alia diffusione dell'e-book).
Incidir, puntualizar, significar y, de algun modo, reivindicar como ambito artistico a Florencia, sin paliativos centro primigenio a todos los niveles de la cultura renacentista durante el Quattrocento, va a ser objetivo de este trabajo, constituyendo uno de los ejes y referentes de nuestro discurso; el otro punto se centrara en pautar y valorar la difusion y alcance de sus propuestas y repertorios artisticos en relacion con el cuatrocientos espanol y como este asume, selecciona y/ o reinterpreta determinados aspectos de significativa importancia y trascendencia en la subsiguiente asimilacion del Renacimiento en nuestro pais.