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a stanza of four lines

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In the first edition, for example, his second quatrain takes the following form:
Rais Amrohvi was known for his unique style of quatrain writing.
Here is how it is done: Say that the rhyme-words at the ends of the four lines of a bipalindromic rhyming quatrain are, in order, (1) Able, (2) Brew, (3) Cable and (4) Drew; here are the eight ways in which the lines those words represent can be reordered to create eight different true RETEP quatrains:
The story unfolds in a series of quatrain, free verse, and acrostic poems that present the perspectives of Claire, Abi, and the omniscient lake.
This form has three quatrains, an odd number: the absence of a fourth quatrain implies a resistance to evenness is built into the form.
Secondly, both of them begin their sequential order with a similar cause of the ongoing challenging mutability marked by Time which relentlessly ticks(-tocks) / takes away beauty, youth and life with his small second-hand, and thirdly, both poems logically reach the consequential point in the third quatrain that strongly urges the young friend to understand that the beauty and youth of any life will be soon ravished by the Grim Reaper.
THE TITLE OF MY PAPER is taken from the last quatrain of Sonnet 17
As is evident, the first and third lines of the first quatrain are constructed on the basis of symmetrically arranged parallel structures.
but what is clear is that this quatrain stands out from the rest of Campos de Castilla.
In between performances I am choreographing my third ballet for BRB, Quatrain, which will premiere on the opening day of International Dance Festival Birmingham.
The quatrain accompanying Terce for the Hours of the Virgin describes the Annunciation to the Shepherds, the Gospel event conventionally associated with that Office.
Tracing back the feathered, lipped river across space and into the past, the quatrain intimates that links among life forms develop in--and remain hidden because of--the course of time.
Each of the pages could have been edited down to a terse quatrain which conveyed the story with greater gravitas and enjoyment.
Ce qui me fit penser a un quatrain de Nostradamus : [beaucoup moins que]Tache de meurtres enormes adulteres, Grand ennemi de tout le genre humain ; Que sera pire qu'aieuls, oncles ne peres, En fer, feu, eau, sanguin et inhumain.
These lists were translated into the FORTRAN programming language so that a computer could combine them at random and print out hundreds of unique stanzas in quatrain form.