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the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

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Unifying the synthetic quaternity, the Imagination functions here as a fourth term--and thus moves another step beyond Hegel.
Mary, who appears to have functioned effectively as a part of a Quaternity (not a Trinity) Godhead, is demoted by Newman into the category of "goddesses," which includes Reason, Charity, Love, Nature, Ecclesia, Justice, Philosophy, Theology, Poverty, Right, Fortune, Noys, Dante's Beatrice, Silva, and Urania.
Despite the contrasts between Holden and his three siblings, they have merged by the end of the novel in such perfect harmony through their exchanges (and fusions) of roles that we come to recognize the fundamental unity of this quaternity of siblings.
Not even the slogan's Holy Quaternity is enough: our utopian pantheon of Supreme Goods should be flexibly polytheistic.
2) The contrast of European tripartite structures with the American Indian emphasis on quaternity opposes a belief that a trinity, Christian or otherwise, must be imposed on the world it explains to the belief that the world, and specifically the natural world, is itself the explanation.
This discussion of the pervasiveness of a principle of quaternity in a great variety of religious, intellectual, mythic, and literary constructs ends where it began, in the basic definition of quaternity composed of two contrasts - of the spiritual and material elements of the world and the physical and mental powers of its human inhabitants - and it is appropriate that the basic definition of that quaternity by Black Elk, which can inaugurate a study of quaternity in both American Indian and Euro-American culture, can also be seen to inform the structure of literary works which derive from both of these basic streams.
209) And to make a quaternity in the mystery of the Trinity.
From an archetypal perspective, the journey becomes a dual physical and spiritual hero's quest for a new totality of the self (Jung, 183-84) which neatly follows the Jungian scheme of the quaternity (Jung 175).
He provides a table of alchemical patterns in the novel and argues persuasively that the structure of The Plumed Serpent parallels alchemical processes in the patterns '|Lawrence~ establishes on imagery of colors, elements, humours, and rituals, as well as in the alchemical meanings of such symbols as vessel, quaternity, dark sun, marriage, serpent and phoenix'.
Current products in the AnyRiver 1997 lineup include: A Fork in the Tale, a live-action adventure game featuring comedian/actor Rob Schneider; Flying Saucer, an action adventure game featuring a UFO flight sim; and Quaternity, a haunting murder mystery with 3D environments and real actors.