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the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

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Shu, Full 4-d quaternion discrete Fourier transform based watermarking for color images, Journal of Digital Signal Processing, vol.
The rest of this paper is organized as follows: Section II illustrates the basics of quaternion mathematics.
this group is isomorphic to a semidirect product Q X C9 of the quaternion group Q and the cyclic group C9 of order 9).
However, there is one controversy regarding the nomenclature in a quaternion with a real part equal to zero--that is a quaternion as Q = ix + jy + kz, also known as pure quaternion--can be thought of as a vector.
Using quaternion principal component analysis (QPCA) and feature point extraction, Lang et al.
where x, y, z and w denote elements of a quaternion.
of the classical (real) quaternion algebra H = H(-1,-1/R) Denote by [Iso.
Even though quaternion representation of orientation is more reliable, for simplicity purposes in further hybrid tracking experiments Euler angles are used instead of quaternions.
rel] are relative quaternion and angular rates written in LVLH frame.
Reference [5] discussed how to transfer an attitude-tracking problem with a time-variable boundary condition into a fixed-boundary problem by means of line-of-sight coordinates, rotational quaternion, and relative error feedback signals.
The sensors provided real-time kinematic data (sample frequency 60Hz) including acceleration and speed of rotation as well as quaternion ([q.
Let D be a non-trivial quaternion division algebra over a non-archimedean localization field k.