quaternary ammonium compound

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a compound derived from ammonium with hydrogen atoms replaced by organic groups

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1 mol of tetrafluoroborate sodium aqueous solution and 1 mol of quaternary ammonium compound.
Since the number of these reaction sites is limited, copper and quaternary ammonium compounds will compete for the same reaction sites in the wood.
The biodegradation of quaternary ammonium compounds.
Conditioning with a quaternary ammonium compound will reduce the rate of dye washed away due to the protective film formed on the hair fiber.
SANCTURA XR, the once-daily formulation of SANCTURA(R), is a unique quaternary ammonium compound in a class of anticholinergic compounds known as muscarinic receptor antagonists.
The steps comprise forming an aqueous phase with a quaternary ammonium compound as a cationic surfactant; forming a second phase with one or more fatty acids, one or more fatty alcohols and/or one or more fatty esters; mixing the two phases to form an emulsion and mixing a nitrogenous organic base with the emulsion to produce a salt of the one or more fatty acids and improve the stability of the emulsion.
SANCTURA, a quaternary ammonium compound, belongs to a class of anticholinergic compounds known as muscarinic receptor antagonists.
Soy has also been combined with a quaternary ammonium compound such as soy trimethyl ammonium chloride and soyethyldimonium ethosulfate, with fatty alkanolamides such as soyamide DEA and Soyamide MIPA and in a betaine product (soyamidopropyl betaine).
The VIROFREE formula - known as a quaternary ammonium compound - currently has approved labeling supporting surface disinfectant efficacy against two corona viruses, and is now in queue for testing the new corona virus mutation that causes SARS.
6,303,563 B1: P&G researchers patented liquid detergent and foam compositions with enzymes, a boron-derived enzyme stabilizing agent and a quaternary ammonium compound.
In addition, the quaternary ammonium compound surfactants aid in hair detangling and in skin care preparations for a smoother, softer feel.
Prior to the expansion, the site was mainly dedicated to producing fatty acids, nitriles, amines and quaternary ammonium compounds for chemical intermediaries and manufacturers in the fabric softeners market.
Other disinfectants include hydrogen peroxide and silver solution, quaternary ammonium compounds especially 5th generation with same killing rate.
Background and Objective: Objective of this study was i) to evaluate the efficacy of formalin and quaternary ammonium compounds (QUAT).