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a bitter compound used as an insecticide and tonic and vermifuge

handsome South American shrub or small tree having bright scarlet flowers and yielding a valuable fine-grained yellowish wood

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Wood (6) lists some important photochemical products such as pyrethrum, derris, quassia, nicotine, hellebore, anabasine, azadirachtin, d-limonene, camphor and terpenes that have been used as insecticides.
Agents to be avoided include American hellebore, butterbur or other petasites, kava, marijuana, melatonin (available only as an orphan drug in the United States), mugwort, passion flower, quassia, rauwolfia, Siberian ginseng, taumelloolch, tulip tree, and valerian.
Fortunately, I had an emergency homeopathic with me, which helped with acute symptoms, and I took that along with a detox extract combining quassia herb, wormwood, and black walnut hulls, along with a dose of grapefruit seed extract.
TPI-273 is a proprietary semi-synthetic analog of glaucorubolone, a natural compound found in quassia plants.
Use of quassia chips - available in health food shops - is an alternative remedy that's becoming popular with parents, but there are no proper studies to prove it's effective.