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M.M.Tripathi and Jeong jik kim [28] introduced the notion of N(k)-quasi Einstein manifold which defined as follows: If the generator U belongs to the k-nullity distribution N(k), then a quasi Einstein manifold ([M.sup.n],g) is called N(k)-quasi Einstein manifold.
{We recall that 'quasi' means relative(ly), approximate(ly), almost, near, partial(ly), etc.
Aslam Noor: Sensitivity analysis for quasi variational inequalities, J.
The affirmative influences explain the property element of quasi-property, while the negative ones account for the quasi element.
A function f: X [right arrow] Y is quasi sg-open if and only if for every subset U of X, f (sg-Int(U)) [subset] Int(f (U)).
During a medical examination at the hospital, Quasi was asked to strip off.
Normally, courts would look to the general rules of civil procedure to determine this question, but the question in this instance is dependent upon whether a foreclosure proceeding is characterized as in rem or quasi in rem.
As Dante, not sure of the place to assign to his work in the commentary tradition, puts it in referring to his prose writing in the Convivio, poetic self-commentary is a "quasi comento" (1.3.2).
Using data collected by Statistics Canada's Workplace and Employee Survey, Kathryn McMullen and Grant Schenberg provide a comparative overview of job quality across the non-profit, for-profit quasi government organization, such as schools or hospitals.
The delivery of public goods and services by local government has been profoundly changed over the last twenty-five years by the substitution of quasi markets for the traditional institutions of progressive reform government.
This article looks at quasi reorganizations by summarizing current generally accepted accounting principles, evaluating the theoretical underpinnings and reporting on a survey of quasi reorganizations in practice.
Data from the banking sector shows that money (cash) growth has accelerated quasi money growth in the second quarter 2018 while in previous years this trend was reversed (figure below).
by ONABroad money supply M2 (M1 plus quasi money) stood at OMR16.4 billion at the end of March 2018 and grew by 2.8 per cent during the same period.
Keywords and Phrases: Quasi Einstein manifolds, Super quasi Einstein manifolds, Generalized quasi-Einstein manifolds, Killing vector field, Harmonic vector field, Projective Killing vector field, Conformal Killing vector field, Sectional curvature.