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Synonyms for quarterly

a periodical that is published every quarter (or four issues per year)

in three month intervals

References in classic literature ?
In 1879 the New York telephone directory was a small card, showing two hundred and fifty-two names; but now it has grown to be an eight-hundred-page quarterly, with a circulation of half a million, and requiring twenty drays, forty horses, and four hundred men to do the work of distribution.
Bloomberg (New York) has closed "On Investing," a quarterly launched in 1999 for a controlled circulation of 550,000 financial professionals, and the Kissling Organization (Lexington, KY), a producer of information for the insurance industry, has closed "Financial Services Advisor," a bimonthly launched in 1878 that had a paid circulation of 500.
Taxpayers whose monthly or quarterly Hotel Room Occupancy Tax returns and payments are due in September, October, or November 2001 and who are unable to file on those dates may file and pay any tax due on or before Dec.
A sole proprietor who files Form 941 quarterly and Form 940 annually for business employees can choose to (1) include the employment taxes for household employees on his quarterly and annual business filing or (2) report and pay FICA and FUTA taxes and any income tax withholding for household employees annually and attach Schedule H to their Form 1040s.
Individuals who anticipated their current year's tax would exceed the prior year's tax would make quarterly estimated payments sufficient to cover the tax shown on the prior year's return.
Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q1 2011 - Bosnia-Herzegovina
44 percent issued a cash flow statement concurrently with quarterly earnings statement, no change from the previous quarter.
The new CCIM/Landauer Investment Trends Quarterly will be published four times a year by the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute, Chicago (CIREI), and Landauer Associates, Inc.
an amount equal to 93% of the tax for the current year computed by placing the actual taxable income as earned during the period prior to each quarterly estimated payment date on an annualized basis, or if smaller, 93% of the tax determined by annualizing current year-to-date income, using a percentage derived from the ratio of the prior three years' quarterly income to total income.
A plan sponsor that makes such quarterly contributions is not required, however, to deduct those contributions in the year they are made.
The Certificate of Designation for the Class B Common Stock provides that the Class B Common Stock was entitled, through September 4, 2006, to receive regular quarterly cash dividends that are at least 110% of any regular quarterly cash dividends that are paid on the Class A Common Stock.
Under the old law, H and W would have been able to base their 1992 quarterly estimated tax payments on their 1991 tax, without the $100,000 gain, because the sale did not occur until 1992.