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car window consisting of a small pivoted glass vent in the door of a car

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I could see the yellow nose and the front quarterlight window to one side of the cab.
A thief smashed the offside front quarterlight of a Citroen Berlingo to steal a satnav and travel pass on May 10.
He added his car had recently been broken into and had a smashed quarterlight, but was taxed.
The last in a quarterlight 10 feet above the ground.
KIRKHEATON: | A thug smashed a driver's quarterlight window on Meadow Park at 6.
John Eustace used to have an ageing Peugeot 205 and Lee Mills used to drive a well worn Vauxhall Vectra while Runar Normann's lease car had a smashed quarterlight for about two years, but if the Frenchman joins the Sky Blues it seems he will bring the tone down to an all time low.
And the last is in a quarterlight some ten feet above the ground.
Thieves removed quarterlight from Mercedes Sprinter and stole account books.
But what made the car stand out among the rest was a broken rear quarterlight window, presumably following a break-in.
August 22: A quarterlight on a Suzuki Swift was removed and airbags were stolen.
Thieves forced open quarterlight on Mazda RX8 and stole laptop left on seat.
August 24, smashed nearside rear quarterlight of victim''s vehicle with an object whilst vehicle was being driven.
July 11 - Thief smashed quarterlight on vehicle, opened door and stole wallet and mobile phone.
Thieves smashed a quarterlight on a vehicle and stole items from door pocket.
Thieves caused damage to offside front quarterlight window in order to gain access to vehicle.