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a musical rest having one-fourth the time value of a whole rest

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[quaver][quaver] followed by a quarter rest. This would have placed at least a visual barrier between the two phrases of the sentence, which are closely connected in thought.
The sixteenth note at the end of the theme connects to the quarter rest and, in wrapping around, so does the final sixteenth note of the variation.
This line is simply omitted from the reduction, leaving just an enigmatic series of quarter-note chords punctuated by quarter rests. I have no quarrel with piano reductions, which are useful for rehearsal and even, as a practical convenience, for recital situations--but they should have the freedom (through octave-transposition and similar expedients) to lay out the music for the pianist in a form that is both playable and, as far as possible, faithful to the harmonic and textural complexity of the original.
There are several misprints that should be noted: measure three of the toccata should begin with a quarter rest; in measure twenty-one of the fugue (the measure before the Stretta) the last eighth in the left hand should have natural signs in front of both the A and C; in measure twenty-five (measure of five), second beat, the sharp should be in front of the C instead of the D; in measure forty-two (the 4/8 measure) the last sixteenth note in the right hand should be a D-natural.
There are time changes within the song, and a series of triplets and dotted quarter rests that few people can read, much less count.
The recurring revenue in the third quarter rested at Dh526 million, reflecting an increase of 12 per cent over the same period compared last year, which was Dh471 million, primarily driven by strong leasing activity at Al Reyanna and The Gate Towers.
"On a psychic level it is familiar and domestic and at the same time highly contemporary." The success of the Irish Quarter rests on investors, businesses and buyers finding it an attractive place to live.
"The overall vacancy rate at the end of the first quarter rested at 9.1 percent, versus 10.7 percent a year ago.
Each student was asked to read and perform two easy (four measures of all quarter and eighth notes) and two difficult (four measures of quarter and eighth notes and quarter rests) rhythm examples.
The newest version of this popular rhythmic skills program now includes note heads, quarter notes, beamed eighth notes, eighth-note triplets and quarter rests. Easy.