quarter mile

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a unit of length equal to a quarter of 1 mile

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By Order of the Board Finbarr Murphy - Director Quarter Mile Cars Ltd Michael Wyer - Director Channar Ltd
The quarter mile drag race in Pacific Harbour will be joined by as many as 40 well-known car drivers, including the defending champion Ravin Nath.
All it takes is one house to be within a quarter mile and no aerial spray can be applied.
Although the quarter mile remains the ultimate prize of the day, there's will also be action on the drift/sprint track.
Now run a quarter mile at about your race pace, then turn up the heat for the final straight away (about a third of the quarter mile lap).
I mean having sex is like running a quarter mile - it's strenuous.
25 per quarter mile and serves the areas of Jacksonville, Cabot, Stuttgart, England, Dewitt, Prescott and Texarkansas.
This LASIK Select(R) center in Roanoke is located at 3800 Electric Road, Suite 307, one quarter mile from Tanglewood Mall.
The man was hit about a quarter mile north of Avenue K.
This sluggish pace takes on added seriousness in light of a new study finding that women living within a quarter mile of untreated Superfund sites face an increased risk of having babies with serious birth defects.
The rules are simple: two vehicles show up and drivers negotiate any head-start distance (car lengths); cars line up, Christensen drops his arms and the first one down the quarter mile wins.
Shortpath, the web-based communication network for commercial properties, has recently installed its Visitor Management System to the 43-story 17 State Street building, located about a quarter mile from Ground Zero.
Shanillo, winner of a Folkestone auction maiden for Mick Channon two years ago, completed a double for Pat Hughes when making all for a two-length win in a one and a quarter mile handicap, writes Tony O'Hehir.