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Synonyms for quarrelsome

Synonyms for quarrelsome

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@revrubendiaz's sentiments are antagonistic, quarrelsome and wholly unnecessary.
Therefore, the Government should better discard its quarrelsome attitude for the sake of its own smooth working and stability as, instead of wasting time on raising political temperatures, it should concentrate on other pressing issues facing the country.
The findings showed that people perceived classically feminine (pear-shaped) and classically masculine (broad-shouldered) bodies as being associated with "active" traits, such as being quarrelsome, extraverted, and irritable.
'Though we are a quarrelsome society, it is possible to bring Kenyans together,' he said, reiterating the need for urgency.
This is the leakiest, most quarrelsome and fractious Cabinet I can remember.
With the benefit of hindsight, insiders finally figured out the reason behind LS' quarrelsome attitude.
Early Man, PG, PS19.99 A falling meteor heralds the extinction of quarrelsome dinosaurs and primitive humans.
'He has not been quarrelsome with us,' the source said.
Yes, it has indeed always been a primarily political project - one with the over-riding objective of bringing lasting peace to a continent whose notoriously quarrelsome people have spent centuries killing each other.
When one of the suitors asks why, Telemachus explains using language that speaks to our moment: 'tempered iron can magnetize a man,' that is, foment armed fights between the suitors, who are drunk, quarrelsome and bad tempered anyhow.
Therefore, this work aims to provide new data to research the relation between sociometric types and the academic dimensions of self-concept in Spanish students, expanding the number of sociometric types examined (popular-preferred, rejected-aggressive, rejected-shy, and ignored-forgotten) and behavioral categories that may appear within a contained classroom (leader, nice, collaborator, quarrelsome, obedient, and good student).
Acclaimed historian and economic journalist Giles Tremlett has eloquently and accurately chronicled the life of Isabella of Castile as she led her country out of the murky Middle Ages and harnessed the newest ideas and tools of the early Renaissance to turn her ill-disciplined, quarrelsome nation into a sharper, truly modern state with a powerful, clear-minded, and ambitious monarch at its center.
He said that what he called "the scandalous, quarrelsome demeanor adopted by both candidates" showed the United States was not a civilized country.
Anti-Europeans will see this extraordinary book as a knowing critique of a spoiled, corrupt, and quarrelsome lot of countries; pro-Europeans will admire its wit and its love of place and history.