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under forced isolation especially for health reasons


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Under Maine's protocols, she is to be quarantined in her home in Fort Kent for 21 days after her last possible exposure to the disease.
The second possible avenue is to argue she wasn't quarantined in a humane health environment.
When the outbreak was identified, a total of 202 contacts (average age 21 years, range 19-23 years) were traced and immediately quarantined in a separate dormitory on September 1.
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a phone-book-thick proposed rule yesterday that would give the federal government new powers to track the comings and goings of individual travelers and expand the circumstances under which passengers exposed to a serious communicable disease could be isolated or quarantined," reported the November 23 Washington Post.
ServGate Technologies, a provider of best-in-class unified threat management (UTM) platforms, has announced that the company will standardize its integrated hard disc drive (HDD) to Seagate Technology's new Momentus 5400 Full Disc Encryption (FDE) drive, providing an extra layer of protection for data captured and quarantined to ServGate's UTM HDD.
Authorities quarantined 45 people suspected of being illegal immigrants after one of them appeared to show symptoms of chicken pox, officials said Sunday.
The inhabitants of Queenscliff, on the other side of the narrow inlet to Port Phillip Bay from Victoria's Nepean quarantine station, became particularly concerned at seeing the pilot and health officer who attended quarantined ships and people, returning to Queenscliff after a day's work.
Seventeen hundred high school students were quarantined after one student at the school became ill.
For example, Beijing and Toronto both quarantined around 30,000 people, but Beijing had 10 times as many SARS cases as Toronto: 2,500 compared to Toronto's 250.
Initially, all seven agreed to be quarantined in lieu of receiving vaccine, but because of their subsequent unwillingness to comply with voluntary quarantine, all seven were served by the local public health nurse with state-issued involuntary home quarantine orders, some with the assistance of local law enforcement officers.
Health Minister Lim Hng Kiang said a team of 50 to 60 nurses would make house calls on quarantined homes, and the government would offer a daily home quarantine allowance of $41.
In many cases, groups were quarantined to ensure the disease was contained.
OTTAWA -- Two million dollars will be available from Human Resources and Development Canada to help workers who deliver or help deliver health-related services, who are not eligible for Employment Insurance, but who suffered a loss of employment income because of being quarantined, isolated or contracting SARS.
The Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry launched an investigation into the matter as improperly quarantined lab animals can spread disease to doctors and consequently their patients or other people they may come in contact with.