quantum leap

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a sudden large increase or advance


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The Houston expansion really is about ensuring that we have a better opportunity to collaborate, innovate, research in the Houston area," he said during a brief outline of his nine categories in the Quantum Leaps Initiative.
While raw footage from the multiple HD cameras necessary to shoot virtual reality requires an enormous amount of space, the Quantum Leap camera processes the video it records in real time and compresses the files to sizes more suitable for streaming, avoiding the storage problem that scripted VR programs face.
He added that, these projects will be executed within three years and are expected to create a quantum leap in dealing with the national heritage, besides producing a large number of tourism and cultural products which in turn will contribute to the development of national tourism based on the national heritage of the Kingdom.
I've led thousands of sessions and mentored hundreds on intuition, energy and ascension and love celebrating quantum leaps with those who prioritize next level growth.
h] possesses a low dielectric constant, and experiences slow outgassing and low moisture absorption, making it possible to mold complex packages with thin walls while holding extremely tight tolerances, says Quantum Leap.
Quantum Leap originated from a highly apomictic, single-plant selection from hybrid cross 89-1037, made in the field at Post Falls in July 1989 using pollen from 'Midnight' (Meyer et al.
To transfer that into calling him an ally is, I think, a quantum leap, and in some ways it does a disservice to those of us who really work on these issues a great deal more," Strouse said.
Fox drove a DeLorean Back to the Future three times, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator dropped in twice from the 21st century, and Scott Bakula did a Quantum Leap into just about every childhood memory Baby Boomers could muster.
All in all, the EMC announcements represent a sensible next step in the performance/capacity roadmap, but it represents more of an incremental increase than a quantum leap.
a leading suppler of high current ion implanters, has shipped multiple Quantum LEAP (Low Energy Advanced Processing) ion implantation systems to customers in the US, Europe,
The large number of 'hits' on the new site prompted the Racing Post's communications director Brough Scott to describe it as "a quantum leap forward".
Quantum Leap Innovations[R], pioneers of Pattern Based Analytics[TM] (PBA) today announced the release of Quantum Leap Buzz Consumer Edition, providing users with never before seen Twitterverse analytics (what real people are thinking).
Quantum Leap 1989-1993 The kind of TV that made staying in an exciting prospect, Quantum Leap followed reluctant time traveller Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) as he roamed history attempting to right wrongs and find his way home.
NAPO's Quantum Leap program teaches paper, time, and money management to people in life-changing transitions.
TIME traveller Sam Beckett leaps back on to the small screen with the release of the Emmy award-winning final season of hit sci-fi show Quantum Leap.