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a discrete amount of something that is analogous to the quantities in quantum theory

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(physics) the smallest discrete quantity of some physical property that a system can possess (according to quantum theory)

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In the quantum mechanics, a probability to observe a neutron in nth quantum state with an energy [E.
A connection to quantum physics, however, has turned this apparent liability into a decided advantage by offering a new approach.
Quantum DSS will be two business groups now Enterprise Solutions and DLTtape.
In Lanza's interpretation, quantum mechanics tells us that all human minds are united in one mind and "the entities of the universe--electrons, protons, galaxies, and the like--are floating in a field of mind that cannot be limited within a restricted space or period.
One of the unique attributes of Quantum is that its partners and senior investment professionals not only have a distinguished background in private equity, corporate finance, law and tax, but are also highly experienced in the engineering, operations and geosciences disciplines of the oil and gas business.
As a research fellow at the University of Oxford she started to work in quantum information theory.
With success still so distant, and perhaps unattainable, some quantum computer investigators have begun to wonder what other, perhaps easier, targets they might hit along the way.
is a key component of our organization and we are proud to have the commitment of every individual within Quantum," said Mike Putnam, president and CEO of Quantum Marketing U.
Discovered in the early 1980s, quantum dots usually measure less than 10 nanometers (nm) across.
Their profound thinking about quantum physics, supplemented by their detailed understanding and expertise in quantum and classical cryptography form a wealth of knowledge, experience and credibility that will serve to further strengthen MagiQ.
It's like having a quantum penny, says mathematician David A.
By combining Decru DataFort appliances and Quantum tape libraries with native management and security features, customers gain a scalable, high-performance storage infrastructure to help them address compliance requirements and provide data privacy.
The quirks of quantum mechanics may lead to better computer networks
First Quantum is a growing mining and metals company whose principal activities include mineral exploration, development and mining.