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approximate (a signal varying continuously in amplitude) by one whose amplitude is restricted to a prescribed set of discrete values

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For the determination of the oscillation effects of ShdH and dHvA in the conduction band, primarily we must calculate the oscillations of the density of energy states in quantizing magnetic field.
AQIM method embeds the information by quantizing the angle formed by the host-signal vector with respect to the origin of a hyper spherical coordinate system as opposed to quantizing the amplitude of pixel values.
Introduction of pseudo-randomized quantizing of the sample values, obtained in result of considered fast 4 bit periodic sampling, is considered.
Thus, the goal is to design a set of local binary quantization rules [Q.sub.n](x) to be used for quantizing the observations [Z.sub.n] and also to design an estimation algorithm that combines the quantized binary data [y.sub.n] to form an accurate estimate of X at the FC, that is, [??] (see Figure 1).
Is the second quantizing component responsible for the intra-particle mass and charge quantization, for the generational property, as well as the (inter-particle?) quantization of QM?
Keywords: Biometrics template, privacy security, non-uniform quantization, quantizing template
The results showed that, in general, PSO-CIQ outperformed GCMA in all the test images except for the mandrill image and the case of quantizing the Jet image to 64 colors.
Then, the sampled value (i.e., signal amplitude) is digitized by comparing it to quantizing thresholds and generating a digital word which represents the highest quantizing threshold exceeded.
A process called quantization is then applied to the transformed information; in this step, the transformed data are encoded as the result of rounding an amount produced by dividing the original value by some quantizing factor.
That mathematical transformation made the equations much more amenable to standard techniques for quantizing the theory.
Each simulation referred to in this section was conducted by encoding data obtained from sampling the sentences listed in Table I at a rate of 8000 samples per second and then quantizing the samples uniformly with a resolution of 12 bits per sample.
These low redundant data are easier to be compressed by the entropy coding (e.g., Huffman [6]), and the high frequency of small values close to zero will also limits the intensity of quantizing noise.
Before quantizing the polynomial coefficients, we have to simplify the approximated function.
A common used scheme [10] builds on top of the bag-of-features model, extracting local image features, quantizing their descriptors to visual words and applying methods from text search for image retrieval [10, 13].
Nonuniform quantization can be achieved in following way: first by compressing the input signal x using nonuniform compressor characteristic c(x) (also called companding law); then by quantizing the compressed signal c(x) employing a uniform quantizer; and finally by expanding the quantized version of the compressed signal using a nonuniform transfer characteristic [c.sup.-1](x), which is inverse to the characteristic of the compressor.