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approximate (a signal varying continuously in amplitude) by one whose amplitude is restricted to a prescribed set of discrete values

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At the encoder, the ST-Q is used to quantize the CS measurements of video sequence.
Thus, we only need to quantize [N.sub.CP] equally spaced samples of h (i.e., we quantize the samples [h.sub.l'] with l' = 0,N/[N.sub.CP], 2N/[N.sub.CP], ...).
In order to optimize the number of bits needed to quantize the CSI and since there are only L (with L [much less than] [N.sub.CP] and [N.sub.CP] [much less than] N) non-zero components in CIR, we can just quantize these L components (the delays and their complex amplitude).
Due to bandwidth and energy limitations, each sensor quantizes its measurement into a [b.sub.i](k)--bit message (where [b.sub.i](k) is the bandwidth to be determined later) and transmits this locally processed data to a FC.
The narrowness of the active region quantizes, or makes discrete, some of the energy levels of the semiconductor material from which the laser is made.