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a relation between magnitudes

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Table 1: The quantitative relation between the compression cost and the compression amount of the lead time for Manufacturer 1.
Tables 1 and 2 show the quantitative relations between the compression cost and the compression amount of the lead times for Manufacturer 1 and Manufacturer 2, respectively.
Quantitative Relation of Geometric Gradient and Dynamic Wheel-Rail Force.
Quantitative Relation of Dynamic Wheel-Rail Force and Axle-Box Acceleration.
Firstly, in three different scale channels, the theoretical results are very close to the experimental results, which demonstrates GMCR queuing model can describe the quantitative relation between contingency server resource and user QoS, and this queuing model has great dependability.
We also establish GMCR queuing model to analyze the quantitative relation between the amount of contingency server resource and user QoS.
Our perspective is in the tradition of Phillips' view on quantitative relations between employment, inflation and growth.
Quantitative relations but also the effects of lag appears to be largely important both for fiscal and monetary policy (Jovanovski, Muric 2011).
This fact, in turn, makes it meaningful to hypothesize the existence of quantitative relations between attributes (like that between density, mass and volume).
One thing that is clear from this theory is that postulating quantitative relations between attributes presumes, at least, what he called, 'interval scale' measurement.
We encourage teachers to experiment with this procedure (model method) and measure its potential as a pedagogical tool to articulate quantitative relations in problem solving situations involving unknown quantities.
Analyses of data collected from an initial questionnaire, the teaching process, a final questionnaire, and three interviews evidenced that enriching this girl's qualitative thinking about proportion allowed her widen quantitative relations and improve her handling of algorithms by providing the setting for meaningful applications.
Mendel actually performed some experiments and formulated quite accurate quantitative relations between parents and offspring of pea plants with respect to yellow vs.
In any event, that knowledge will not disprove the quantitative relations developed in the experimental analysis of behavior.
Second, we should recognize that quantitative relations change and appreciate the uncertainty this brings to forecasts and long-term projections.
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