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a relation between magnitudes

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Our perspective is in the tradition of Phillips' view on quantitative relations between employment, inflation and growth.
Quantitative relations but also the effects of lag appears to be largely important both for fiscal and monetary policy (Jovanovski, Muric 2011).
Although causality does not necessarily involve causality in strong sense of the word, finding causality in both directions (bilateral causality) between inflation, unemployment and output is encouraging for our hypothesis of quantitative relations existence among the three economic variables in short and long run.
This fact, in turn, makes it meaningful to hypothesize the existence of quantitative relations between attributes (like that between density, mass and volume).
One thing that is clear from this theory is that postulating quantitative relations between attributes presumes, at least, what he called, 'interval scale' measurement.
Numbers as quantitative relations and the traditional theory of measurement.
We encourage teachers to experiment with this procedure (model method) and measure its potential as a pedagogical tool to articulate quantitative relations in problem solving situations involving unknown quantities.
Second, we should recognize that quantitative relations change and appreciate the uncertainty this brings to forecasts and long-term projections.
Intended as a self-contained volume that may be used as a complete reference or textbook, it adopts new pedagogical approaches with several non-traditional and refreshing theoretical expositions, while all quantitative relations are derived with the necessary details so as to be easily followed by the reader.
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