quantitative analysis

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Quantitative analysis has become increasingly pre-requisite to academic research, managerial reports and field analysis.
Johnson, 1983, "An Analytic Approximation for the American Put Price", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 18:141-148
Nevertheless, Pack is to be commended for her quantitative analysis of the Frost Belt-Sun Belt thesis, and her concern to improve the well-being of persons located in depressed metropolitan areas.
The second phase of our work focuses on the development of an intelligent, unmanned, cost-effective technology for the real-time characterization and quantitative analysis of hazardous chemicals in a variety of conditions.
Our goal has been to have yearly discussions of important material in Quantitative Analysis of Behavior.
This request for applications is intended to encourage and stimulate the development of substantially improved or new technologies that can achieve both a comprehensive identification and a sensitive, quantitative analysis of an extensive range of proteins in human tumor specimens.
Best's Qualified Ratings are therefore based primarily on a quantitative analysis of a company's balance sheet strength and operating performance.
Gustav-Wrathall draws a provocative and convincing portrait of the YMCA's bachelor culture through a careful quantitative analysis of YMCA records.
The quantitative analysis approach consists of these seven steps:
is pleased to announce the release of the life/health edition of Best's Quantitative Analysis Reports (QAR) via BestLink()and BestLink for Excel for Best's Statement File - L/H, U.
The first part is a research project for actualization in the 2011/2012 evaluation and quantitative analysis to the deployment of the guideline recommended 1st line treatment in metastatic renal cell carcinoma.
The conceptualization of data analysis for the handbook, and hence the logical structure of the volumes themselves, was guided by the following criteria: qualitative analysis focuses mostly on aspects of the micro-world, while quantitative analysis focuses on aspects of the macro-world; the two models of data analysis can be employed in "pure" form or in a mixed analysis; both modes produce outcomes of equal quality, utility, and academic standing; and, perhaps most controversially, qualitative analysis does not have the power to explain macro-social phenomena and, conversely, quantitative analysis does not aid in the interpretation of micro-social phenomena.
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