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Synonyms for quantify

use as a quantifier

express as a number or measure or quantity

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It also instills a sense of community among all the attendees," commented Marie, Product Specialist for Global IP Estimator, Quantify IP.
And, as if the aforementioned questions weren't hard enough, consider this one: How do you quantify the value of internal cooperation?
Our review of these 1,000 patients who had undergone immunotherapy based on SET testing indicates that SET is a safe technique, and its ability to quantify allergic sensitivity can maximize the potential that immunotherapy will be successful.
Quantify MDV's formal verification metrics can be integrated with testbench metrics to give full visibility into overall verification progress.
6 was specified to quantify uncertainty associated with F4.
Trials at Johnson served to quantify the existing dryer performance and then demonstrate the potential improvements resulting from the installation of PTX rotary joints, stationary syphons, and new Turbulator Tube bars.
No one technology can effectively measure, identify and quantify, with sufficient sensitivity and precision, the diverse range of metabolites and their dynamic fluctuations in cells.
Karen Clark, president and chief executive officer of AIR, says the new model helps insurers and reinsurers quantify their risks, assess coverage and exclusions and estimate the financial impact of the attacks.
This recent work exploits the curvature enhanced accelerator coverage (CEAC) mechanism developed at NIST and used to quantify superconformal electrodeposition of copper (widely used for integrated circuit production), as well as super-conformal electrodeposition of silver, also a recent NIST discovery.
The following sections examine some examples of how SFA can be used to quantify and enhance managerial judgment and project intangibles.
Vitalea Science Announces the Development and Testing of Assays That Can Be Applied to Children and Neonates to Quantify Intracellular Uptake of Antiretroviral Drugs
Various gas flow characteristics are important to quantify gas flow in fiber suspensions; these include the local and average volumetric gas fraction (termed gas holdup or void fraction), gas flow regime, and bubble size.
Grosse of the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and his coauthors present the results of their groundbreaking model designed to quantify those economic gains.
If you want to get the resources you need to deal with risk issues -- once you've identified and assessed them -- you need to be able to quantify their potential impact," he said.