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Synonyms for quantify

use as a quantifier

express as a number or measure or quantity

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With Quantify IP's customizable Intellectual Property cost calculators, decision-makers can confidently forecast future budgets without worrying about such high variances," says Anthony de Andrade, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quantify IP.
UK said it hopes that finance directors and procurement professionals within the public service will try it out and quantify the expected savings and return on investment (ROI) available to them.
41 research credit), but is unable to quantify precisely the overpayment amount because of an incomplete research credit study.
As a benchmarking tool to study competitors' products and quantify manufacturing and assembly difficulties.
The CPA must take the next step: to determine, and even quantify, how important that activity is to the company's strategic objectives.
Only those skin tests that can quantify the patient's sensitivity to each antigen can provide the information necessary to formulate an optimal treatment program.
Now I'd be willing to bet that all of you know why this happens, you've just never been able to quantify the impact of re-rigging costs, sampling costs, poor quality, extra expediting, extra inspection, engineering change-driven price increases, quality problem-driven price increases, line downtime, lost OEM customer orders, OEM warranty claims, and so on.
Yes, I think CEOs do see beyond the bells and whistles but I don't know that they're always able to quantify that or put that down in a business case analysis.
Soft words that are hard to quantify are the pillars behind which agendas hide.
OneSpin Solutions, an EDA company that provides innovative formal assertion-based verification solutions, today announced Quantify MDV, the industry's first formal metric-driven verification (MDV) solution that automatically and comprehensively analyzes and measures formal verification progress and quality in register transfer level (RTL) designs.
com)-- Quantify IP, the industry leader in the development of Intellectual Property (IP) cost estimation solutions, attended the Marcus Evans IP Law Summit held in Las Vegas, March 26-28, 2017.
The model was also designed to quantify estimate uncertainty.
Trials at Johnson served to quantify the existing dryer performance and then demonstrate the potential improvements resulting from the installation of PTX rotary joints, stationary syphons, and new Turbulator Tube bars.
No one technology can effectively measure, identify and quantify, with sufficient sensitivity and precision, the diverse range of metabolites and their dynamic fluctuations in cells.
Karen Clark, president and chief executive officer of AIR, says the new model helps insurers and reinsurers quantify their risks, assess coverage and exclusions and estimate the financial impact of the attacks.