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Synonyms for quantifier

(logic) a word (such as 'some' or 'all' or 'no') that binds the variables in a logical proposition

(grammar) a word that expresses a quantity (as 'fifteen' or 'many')

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This error provides an opportunity for us to rehash our discussion of quantifiers.
Beginning with a general introduction, and concluding with a general conclusion, the book is divided into two parts: "Ontological Commitment" (mostly about quantifier neutralism) and "What There Is" (mostly about object projectivism).
Vector [mathematical expression not reproducible] consists of the [m.sub.i] vector component [mathematical expression not reproducible], complying with quantifier outputs with discrete time [T.sub.i].
With regard to computer algebra, the mathematics team developed technology that could convert the types of problems involving trigonometric functions that often appear on entrance exams into a format where quantifier elimination could be applied to solve the problem, expanding the types of problems the solver could handle.
aquila biolabs' Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ) allows non-invasive online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks.
Nous voulons quantifier la perte associee aux emplois dans le secteur informel en tant que moyen indirect d'estimer la tatille du secteur.
Cette association qui s'impregne de bonnes vertus ne fait alors que quantifier et valoriser sa mission entierement consacree aux enfants.
We quantified target analytes by the routine MRM method by monitoring m/z 166 [right arrow] 134 and m/z 166 [right arrow] 106 as quantifier and qualifier transitions for normetanephrine, respectively; m/z 169 [right arrow] 137 for d3-normetanephrine; m/z 180 [right arrow] 148 and m/z 180 [right arrow] 165 as quantifier and qualifier transitions for metanephrine; and m/z 1833151 for d3-metanephrine.
This kind of quantifier includes words such as few, every, many, most, enough, whoever, and so on.
Because the negation of either an existential or universal quantifier which is itself followed by a negation is identical to its opposite, it might at first appear that the diagonal opposites in Lacan's schema mean almost the same thing.
Abstraction makes it possible to define the property of being necessarily identical to entity x as bound by the universal quantifier in K(Q-W) steps (1) and (3).
The soft majority concept, fuzzy linguistic quantifier, is thus adopted to guide the aggregation weights generated by the order of priority among customer needs.
Quantifier Variance and Realism: Essays in Metaontology.
The topics include pragmatics in optimality theory, children's knowledge of scales in the acquisition of almost, pragmatic templates and free enrichment, pragmatic inferencing and expert knowledge, and empirical and theoretical evidence for a model of quantifier production.
Selon les observateurs, les enfants sont en realite une partie importante de la population active, la plupart du temps dans le secteur informel, donc difficile a quantifier (vente de rue, travail agricole saisonnier).