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a limitation imposed on the variables of a proposition (as by the quantifiers 'some' or 'all' or 'no')

the act of discovering or expressing the quantity of something

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RQ automates cyber risk quantification in hours, not months.
Several reports have been published on the selection of reference gene for different experiments; still there is no harmony on the use of reference gene for normalization of miRNA quantification using real-time PCR in ALL.
Drawing on his teaching notes for a graduate course on computational methods and uncertainty quantification for inverse problems, Bardsley presents a self-contained introduction to computational inverse problems for a wide range of students, and proceeds step-by-step to Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling methods.
Different analytical methods such as spectrophotometric [4, 5], spectrofluorimetric [6], chromatographic [7-9] and voltammetric [10, 11] have been reported in literature for quantification of PAR in pharmaceutical formulations.
This propriety library quantification method enables direct measurement of NGS library molar concentration, or the number of sequenceable molecules in seconds.
The objective of this work is to develop and validate analytical methodologies by high-resolution liquid chromatography for the quantification of ketorolac in wastewater of a hospital treatment plant and a second methodology that is capable of separating and quantifying ketorolac in solution and that can be used for the determination of the kinetics of photolytic degradation, and thus determine the persistence of ketorolac in the effluent of a hospital treatment plant.
RiskLens' flagship Cyber Risk Quantification is a decision-support application that quantifies an organization's financial risk exposure to cybersecurity events.
simplify, accelerate and standardize the LCMS quantification of proteins via the surrogate peptide approach.
Saeed Khan, Associate Professor and Head of Molecular Pathology department,Dow Diagnostic Reference and Research Laboratory said here while addressing a workshop on Skills Enhancement and Professional Development for Health Care Workers, that also co-incided with CME session for physicians on Interpretation of PCR for Quantification of Hepatitis Viruses Tuesday at Dow Lab Collection Center.
More and more philosophers are willing to grant that second-order quantification, quantification into the positions of predicates (or their natural language counterparts), is a legitimate sui generis kind of quantification, not to be reduced to first-order quantification, quantification into the positions of singular terms.
Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification, is currently accepting submissions.
Using a simple calibration curve for rough quantification, the detection limit was 0.05 mg/L and the quantification limit was 5.00 mg/L.
Since we could not access any reliable method based on the UV-visible analysis for quantification of the 1-OHPyr, this study therefore aimed at developing a methodology in order to evaluate the efficiency of the UV-visible detector to quantify the 1-OHPyr in human urine, and providing a convenient method for quantification of the urinary 1-OHPyr.
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