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of or relating to a quantum or capable of existing in only one of two states

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"Quantal Response Equilibria for Normal Form Games." Games and Economic Behavior, 10, 1995,6-38.
The variation in severity is particularly great with so-called deterministic quantal endpoints-endpoints reported as incidence, but which actually reflect an underlying continuum.
From this observation and later observations that a single peak was mediated by the release of thousands of transmitter molecules, (2) it has been postulated that transmitter molecules are released in a quantal manner.
Quantum mechanics at present is not in the stage of clubbing these ionic-matters and energy-forms (electro-chemical and mechanical) which are classical rather than "quantal".
Pi, "Classical and quantal nonrelativistic Chern-Simons theory," Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, vol.
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The photon flux density of each treatment was selected to produce equal quantal numbers for each group and was set at 3 x [10.sup.-4] [micro]mol x [cm.sup.-2] x [s.sup.-1] (about 1770 mW x [m.sup.-2] for blue light, 700 mW x [m.sup.-2] for green light, and 740 mW x [m.sup.-2] for white light).
* central corneal thickness (CCT) measurement by ultrasound pachymetry using Echographe pachymeter, model Pocket II, Quantal medica; and
Meyer, "A deployed quantal response-based patrol planning system for the U.S.
In one experimental (randomly selected) aviary, a discharge tube was hung 1.5 m above the drinking dish, producing intensive blue light, 6 X LED 450 nm + 6 X LED 470 nm, with a quantal flux of 2.361 X [10.sup.19] quanta [s.sup.-1][m.sup.-2] (i.e.
The development of resistance is usually quantal, not incremental.
Targeting exocytosis: Ins and outs of the modulation of quantal dopamine release.
Sakmann, "Quantal components of unitary EPSCs at the mossy fibre synapse on CA3 pyramidal cells of rat hippocampus," The Journal of Physiology, vol.