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of or relating to a quantum or capable of existing in only one of two states

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2+]-dependent neurotransmitter release (2) and the quantal nature of neurotransmission (3) were discovered.
It has long been recognized that the quantum realm is somehow wrapped up with, or entangled with, the consciousness of the observer--the physicist conducting the quantal experiments.
The quantal response of fish was analyzed through Probit Analysis method.
A quantal hypothesis for hadrons and the judging of physical numerology.
2011) Toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic modeling of quantal and graded sublethal endpoints: A brief discussion of concepts.
However, making a quantal distinction between dangerously high [E.
This differs from the other modes of acetylcholine release such as simulation induced multiquantal release resulting in an end plate potential (EPP) and spontaneous quantal releases resulting in a miniature end plate potential (MEPP) [59].
Their general finding indirectly motivates the feasibility of more easily deriving multidimensional quantal particle structures, and therefore would support indirectly the earlier-announced more specific Close-Neppe discoveries.
The Quantal Theory of Speech (QTS) (Stevens and Blumstein 1975) suggests an alternative approach to vowel systems.
The archaeal colony network has got magnetite capable of magnetoperception and quantal perception.
Quantal (qualit), psychological, neurological, transfinite, and metaconscious levels are pertinent to TDVP, plus philosophical aspects.
Spontaneous synaptic potentials and quantal release of transmitter in the stellate ganglion of the squid.
This can be done using the quantal response framework of McKelvey and Palfrey (1995).
The highest-quality science changes the direction of a field dramatically, advancing the field in a major quantal fashion.