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a quasi nongovernmental organization

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The massive cost of quangos would easily be enough to fill any potential black hole in Finance Minister Sammy Wilson's budget, with plenty left over for hospitals and schools.
The SCPMDE is one of the most heavily funded quangos, with an annual budget of pounds 140 million.
A number of stories with headlines like 'How quango rewards the good and the great' (The Observe, 2.
Ministers need to be clear why they are culling quangos," said Sir Ian.
The boroughs have a population of 824,000 and are home to 148 board members, while the West Midlands region has a population of more than five million and is home to 47 quango executives.
One leading economist estimates that, nationally, just 25%is spent on what the quangos should be doing and the rest on "accountability".
Each new quango will cost pounds 600million a year to run, the cost of more than half of that coming from state funding.
He also said he the future of 13 other quangos would be under consultation.
McConnell has set up a pounds 25million fund for modernising government, part of which will be used to promote the quango overhaul.
Steven Leigh, head of policy at the Lockwood-based Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, welcomed moves to safeguard Business Link services, but said it was right to reform the quango system.
Mrs Finch-Saunders also pointed out that unlike politicians quango members are unelected.
FORTY-three quango executives in Scotland are paid more than First Minister Alex Salmond according to Reform Scotland.
In a letter to eight health quango chiefs, the Health Secretary warned top managers not to "make the same mistake as the BBC", which has come under sustained fire for the award of six-figure salaries to hundreds of managers and big payouts to departing senior staff.
His Whitehall department said the Government was now more than halfway through the first wave of its quango reform programme with closures made so far set to save at least pounds 1.