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They ran a series of experiments investigating the transfer of compounds from two host species, white cedar (Melia azaderach) and creeping boobialla (Myoporum parviflorum), to quandongs.
By using radioactive carbon, the researchers found that glucose moves from the myoporum host plant to the quandong trees, no doubt benefitting the quandongs, even though these can photosynthesise in their own right.
Loveys says further research is needed before the toxic compounds could be recommended as host-acquired organic insecticides in quandongs.
THE quandong is an unusual plant in more than one respect.
You might want to pass on the witchetty grubs and emu burgers, but native treats (such as the wild peaches known as quandongs) are well worth trying.
Pick your own quandongs and wattle leaves on trips led by aborigines into the desert.