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The wine's subtle toasted oak flavor and crisp acidity pairs beautifully with various dishes like Fillet of Barramundi (see recipe below), Aussie-Sized Shrimp with Rosemary Skewers, and South Australian Chicken Breasts with Quandong (or peaches).
Henzell says the long-standing suppression of mulga and other trees and shrubs--such as bullock bush, sandalwood, quandong, native honeysuckle and native apricot--by rabbits and other introduced animals, is a serious state of affairs because these woody perennials contribute more to landscape stability than short lived, less drought-tolerant plants.
It could be argued that the more English-looking two-word terms SILVER QUANDONG and SLIP REGULATOR are improvements.
Avis Gale was born 52 years ago under a Quandong tree near Ceduna, on the edge of the flat, dry Nullabor Plain in central South Australia.
THE quandong is an unusual plant in more than one respect.
Commonly used terms include: quandong (from Wiradhuri, southwestern New South Wales, guwandhaang); waratah (from Dharruk, Sydney region, warrada); mallee (probably from western Victoria or central New South Wales, mali); and karri (probably from Nyungar, southwestern Western Australia, karri).
Dr Amani Ahmed and Dr Krystyna Johnson found that the quandong has had the greatest amount of scientific attention, primarily from CSIRO Plant Industry in South Australia.
Other plants in the range include desert lime, lemon myrtle, Australian bush mint, anisata, mountain pepper, desert raisin and quandong.