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Painted quandong, kurrajongs and acacia seeds and 'porcupine' (5) quills were used to make necklaces, earrings and trinkets.
So much so, that occasionally in the south of the country in the Pearl River and Quandong areas that there is occasional need to shut down non-essential uses of electricity to allow for manufacturing to continue.
THE quandong is an unusual plant in more than one respect.
By using radioactive carbon, the researchers found that glucose moves from the myoporum host plant to the quandong trees, no doubt benefitting the quandongs, even though these can photosynthesise in their own right.
Next I was treated to a facial designed to deep cleanse, smooth and hydrate the skin followed by a Li'Tya paudi scalp massage with Quandong hair mask which helps to ease the body of stress and tension.
Commonly used terms include: quandong (from Wiradhuri, southwestern New South Wales, guwandhaang); waratah (from Dharruk, Sydney region, warrada); mallee (probably from western Victoria or central New South Wales, mali); and karri (probably from Nyungar, southwestern Western Australia, karri).
1997 The quandong (Santalum acuminatum), Australian Bushfoods Magazine 1:14-15.
Dr Amani Ahmed and Dr Krystyna Johnson found that the quandong has had the greatest amount of scientific attention, primarily from CSIRO Plant Industry in South Australia.
Other plants in the range include desert lime, lemon myrtle, Australian bush mint, anisata, mountain pepper, desert raisin and quandong.
In addition, Table 1 gives a value for whole quandong which combines the values for fruit and kernel by assuming 70% of the weight to be fruit, 20% kernel and 10% the shell of the kernel (discarded).
Except for quandong kernels, those sources were not sufficiently rich in energy or protein to act as satisfactory sole staples and both energy and protein intakes from them became increasingly inadequate.