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Synonyms for quandary

Synonyms for quandary

a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one

state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options


References in classic literature ?
I don't know what answer," says she; "you are always bringing your family into one quandary or other.
Here Phoebus, whose imagination was endowed with but mediocre power of creation, began to find himself in a quandary as to a means of extricating himself for his prowess.
Had she refused, he would have been in a quandary, for his tambo would not have permitted him to lay hands on her.
Then he drew up an armchair, and beckoning Polly to take it, said in a sober, steady tone, that surprised her greatly, "Whenever I was in a quandary, I used to go and consult grandma, and she always had something sensible or comfortable to say to me.
The residents of this locality are in a quandary owing to poor cellular signals because of the signal jammers installed in the police lines.
The two leading contenders for the presidency are said to be the least popular candidates in modern history, which has a lot of voters thinking about the lesser-of-two-evils quandary and the spoiler effect.
SIR - I suppose a quandary result in an election is one where you are not so keen on what the winning party stands for, but are jolly glad somebody has successfully rocked the political boat.
The official also said that the team, which consists of several young players, would also miss a chance of gaining exposure in major tournaments, adding that all these issues have put the board in a quandary.
In the most earnest attempt to date to try to settle the diabetes screening quandary, the ADDITION investigators have provided evidence that has been lacking regarding the potential for easing the worldwide epidemic of diabetes, now some 350 million cases strong.
MUCH is made of child poverty in the UK, so the great and the mighty have spent many a day at all-expenses paid conference trying to think of ways and means to solve this quandary.
As I also have cellars I'm in a quandary to keep my home reasonably warm.
Faced with such a quandary many politicians would have cancelled the fundraiser - but not our Bertie.
The middle school students are in a quandary over who is taking food.
But Iranian-American leaders concede they would find themselves in a quandary should the U.
A thoughtful, serious-minded and deep philosophical on an ancient and perplexing moral quandary.