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Synonyms for quandary

Synonyms for quandary

a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one

state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options


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In his characteristically fun and jaunty style, Tyson explores such cosmic quandaries as why Saturn would float in your bathtub and what the solar system would look like if you were a photon speeding outward from the Sun.
In these apostolic quandaries, the Catholic response is resolved on a case-by-case basis, when confronted with an actual person.
* University of Arizona has added a course to help business students wade through ethical quandaries. Students analyze case studies and are asked to make ethical decisions on the spot.
"Are We There Yet?" was a closely orchestrated essay on open-endedness, the ordinariness of the infinite, and the perennial quandaries of repetition, contradiction, and deferral.
Bioethical Quandaries and Liberal Rites of Public Affliction
Hunter's prose isn't subtle as it preaches male self-reliance and responsibility, but his landscape of characters and their quandaries are sho'nuff true to life.
The same listing also included answers to long-debated theological quandaries. The Department of Applied Physics of the University of Santiago, Spain supplied these calculations: "Estimated temperature of hell, according to two Spanish physicists' interpretation of the Bible: 832 [degrees] F.
The very nature and philosophy of assisted living also poses its own quandaries. In writing regulations for assisted living, each state must address how to place "restrictions" or limitations on an entity that is defined by its creativity and its flexibility, to tailor a model based on residents' needs.
Articulate, methodical, accessible, "Kabbalah Revealed" is a superb introduction to, and explanation of, what and how this ancient body of knowledge can provide wisdom, insight, and solutions into the phenomena and quandaries of contemporary life.
ON SEPTEMBER 8, 2006, the New York Society for General Semantics hosted a symposium titled "The World in Quandaries: Coping with Controversial Communication in the Global Village--Personal, Social, National, Cultural." The event at Fordham University in Manhattan marked three significant anniversaries.
Letters written during Mary Stuart's trial, to James as well as to his mother, together with speeches replying to parliament's petitions urging her execution, form a striking portrayal of this most intractable of Elizabeth's quandaries; and an extra plus is that, because James's letters to Elizabeth are included, we also catch several intimations of the mind of the first of England's Stuart kings, including early formulations of his absolutist principles.
Stunning frocks that might seem to hearken back to artistic sources, the Klimt lily-pad patterns and palette of Evening Dress with Belt, 1969, soon raze such quandaries with the microexplosions of their material complexity: "Bodice of black over yellow silk chiffon, vertically pin-tucked; bead embroidery by D.
Ranging from tests that spot diseases decades before symptoms appear to cures that replace disease-causing DNA, the clinical dreams of the Human Genome Project have been well documented, as have the ethical quandaries it will bring.
Each has strict ethical principles and moral principles; both face quandaries in their daily lives, and the complex interplay of love effects not only on two people, but also on each one's network of family and friends, plays out with realism so strong the reader feels it in the gut.