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Synonyms for qualm

Synonyms for qualm

a feeling of uncertainty about the fitness or correctness of an action

Synonyms for qualm

uneasiness about the fitness of an action

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a mild state of nausea

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Perhaps the most interesting of the three words, qualm, is unfortunately of unknown origin.
"The plants with the tubes have grown more upright and don't have a mess of vines like the plants without," Jordan Qualm notes.
Oil & gas energy company RainChief Energy Inc (OTCBB: RCFEF) on Monday announced the execution of a contract with Toronto-based IT communication services company Qualm Management & Advisory Ltd (Qualm).
The contrast between routine homiletics and the dynamism of Shakespeare here raises an overall qualm. Convincing demonstration of methodological inadequacy is one thing, but the implied adequacy of limiting Shakespearean meaning to the common denominators of Christian discourse is another.
The woman's fight for abortion without qualm, she says, is part of the fight for the "acceptance of the erotic impulse, and one's own erotic impulses, as fundamentally benign and necessary for human happiness."
But Southgate insists spaces are still up for grabs ahead of the opener at the Volgograd Arena, and will have no qualms starting with the Merseyside starlet.
IF life did twist my arm to make me choose, Between my love of words or love for you, A million times these pesky poems would lose, For next to you all else is number two, I'd happily not write another rhyme, And lord knows with that I would have no qualms, I'd mute my mouth until the end of time, If it meant I could stay within your arms, But even if words had have been my choice, By choosing them my hopes would still be quashed, For even though my rhymes would have a voice, The subject of my poems would then be lost, So though these words would be hard to forget, It's you that my heart would always select.
PAUL POGBA had no qualms about leaving Manchester United in the first place and would probably have no qualms about leaving them again.
Summary: The 27-year-old actress said she has no qualms about declining to pose for selfies with her fans
Arutz Sheva has decided to publish the entire content of the president's statement, due to its groundbreaking and forthright analysis of an issue that may be repeated as liberal Jewish America has less and less qualms about hurting the Jewish state.
RSS Bhagwat Shah did not have qualms about Rahul attending the protest in JNU, but had misgivings about the slogans raised therein
Solskjaer also revealed he would have no qualms throwing teenager Mats Moller Daehli in from the start versus Hull after an assured performance against Wigan.
Solskjaer also revealed he would have no qualms throwing teenager Mats Moller Daehli in from the start against Hull after an assured performance against Wigan.
The basic but, as it turns out, broad premise of the show is that Bailey has doubts about the modern world, a "time of spectacular ignorance" (as exemplified by Big Brother's Chantelle); doubts which have grown into qualms.