quality of life

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your personal satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the cultural or intellectual conditions under which you live (as distinct from material comfort)

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By establishing the effect of physical activity on health related quality of life, planning for physical activity could effective for health related quality of life and cause to improve health related quality of life level.
At the beginning of this paper it was pointed out that, historically, there is poor agreement among health professionals on objective indicators of quality of life between themselves and with their patients, and we asked whether patients and clinicians have the same understanding of quality of life and were working towards the same goals.
The pretransplant MELD score was significantly related only to the physical component of quality of life on the SF-36.
RESULTS: Based on the findings, there was a statistically meaningful relation between self care behaviours and the quality of life (p = 0.
We view quality of life as essential to Air Force readiness.
Overall findings revealed that access to better housing positively affects quality of life; there is habituation of quality of life in the long term, as people adapt to both positive and negative life events; and, irrespective of living conditions, wellbeing is maintained at a homeostatic level.
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island was recognized for creating a "one stop resource" and community planning liaison office for quality of life and customer service, according to the award citation.
They then compared the quality of life scores given by the parents of 161 children with chronic diseases, such as epilepsy and diabetes, in the same age group.
According to the findings, the average quality of life scores for children with ADHD were within the lowest 5% of the population.
Despite an economic recovery and a modest 2 percent gain in household income, the quality of life continues to deteriorate because of gridlocked highways and skyrocketing housing prices, officials said.
It is recognised by the health service that improving patients' quality of life should be an intrinsic part of HIV treatment[2].
People with symptoms of pathological gambling and kleptomania, regardless of severity, seem to have a very poor quality of life, reported Jon Grant.
1) This trend threatens the quality of life in many suburban and rural areas.
Life, that gorgeous quality of life, is not accomplished by following another man's rules.
By comparing themselves with other kids who understand the "illness experience," it is possible that a child's quality of life will improve.
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