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an adjective that ascribes to its noun the value of an attribute of that noun (e

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Quintessential confirmed that, yes, the core of the manifesto is New Labour, but it seemed a QUALIFYING ADJECTIVE, reflecting the subtle 'traditional Labour' emphases lately introduced, chiefly by Gordon Brown - more on full employment, tackling child and global poverty, rather less on private sector service provision.
First of all, the IHEU represents humanism, with no sectarian or qualifying adjective added to it--for a common and clear identity is most important when we forge a tool to achieve our objectives.
In 1789, when used without any qualifying adjective, 'the militia' referred to all Citizens capable of bearing arms." The statute books continue to reflect this distinction in vestigial form: Title 10, Section 311 of the U.S.
In several pages one gets an overall view of the actions of a year with qualifying adjectives, but a few pages later the adjectives shift from negative to positive and a few pages later back to negative again.
If the very notion of an American Jewish culture requires playing off those two qualifying adjectives against one another, if scholars are obliged to demonstrate how a national ethos and the ideas of an ethno-religious minority relate to one another, then the most satisfactory essay in this volume is Einat Ramon's study of the "pragmatic theodicy" of Abraham Joshua Heschel.
She succeeds in very large measure in this ambitious undertaking, and if initially "the intersection among mystery fiction, feminist and queer theory, and German cultural history" (2-3)--reflected in the string of four precise if somewhat unwieldy qualifying adjectives in the volume's title--appears somewhat narrow, the volume itself does a fine job educating its readers that this is not the case, breaking new ground in mapping out the intersection it defines in detail.
The restricted syntactic behaviour essentially seems to be predictable from the semantic characteristics of individual adjectives.1 If therefore we continue to use the term relational adjective at all, it should be taken in its literal sense of 'adjective expressing a relation', and therefore include adjective types such as adjectives expressing possession or resemblance which have normally been classified as qualifying adjectives (cf.
According to placement agencies, recruiters look for the relevant experiences and academic background rather than getting carried away by these 'self qualifying adjectives'.
One of his aims is to describe a vision of education that is "pure and simple," that is, without the qualifying adjectives of either traditional or progressive.
Although the Treasury Department issued interim guidelines that essentially allow insurance companies to use preexisting standards (notwithstanding the qualifying adjectives substantial and severe), there appears to be nothing restraining the insurance industry from applying more-stringent standards--now or in the future.
In articles on verbs, all related nouns and other words are recorded; in those on nouns, all qualifying adjectives and frequently other qualifying words or phrases.