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Synonyms for qualification

Synonyms for qualification

the quality or state of being eligible

Synonyms for qualification

an attribute that must be met or complied with and that fits a person for something

the act of modifying or changing the strength of some idea

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a statement that limits or restricts some claim

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However, the method of legal regulation is not a qualificatory characteristic that allows us to single out international public law into a particular legal system (9).
Consequently, the Special Working Group, insofar as it believes the leadership requirement to be of great qualificatory relevance, would be well advised explicitly to underscore its importance to the crime of aggression.
What is more serious for the quality of the biography is Suresh Roberts's determination that his shall be the loudest voice in the book, a comic but indicative example of which is the array of qualificatory phrases which precede the name of RW Johnson, a man to whom Suresh Roberts has elsewhere expressed antagonism, and who moves from being "the Oxford don" (2005: 422, 450), to "the journalist" and "the newspaperman" (2005:515), and finally becomes "the blundering neo-conservative journalist" (2005: 594), none of these terms being Gordimer's.
On the question of qualificatory or non-qualifactory and academic or vocational training, the TEC data are arguably inconclusive.
A significant issue, where change is likely, is the confusion caused by the existing myriad qualificatory outcomes to the further education system, and the need for a more transparent, simpler method of meeting the needs of further education students and employers based on clear understandings about what employers require.
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