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mammal of South Africa that resembled a zebra

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Researchers have previously suggested that the quagga was a subgroup of plains zebras and not its own separate zebra species, and the new genetic analysis offers more evidence for that idea.
But quaggas will have done that job before the 20-pound bottom feeders can even get a toehold, he said.
That means it's possible to breed quaggas from plains zebras.
Using funds raised privately from donations, Mr Rau scoured game reserves in South Africa and neighbouring Namibia for plains zebra that looked most like quaggas.
Nobody thought to let them breed, however, and some time in the 1880s we shot the quagga into extinction.
In March 1997, Redaurum announced plans to develop a new mine at Rooiberg, 6 km downstream from the Quaggas Kop mine.
Also in South Africa, Redaurum is increasing production at the Quaggas Kop alluvial diamond mine.
The lonely quagga, a cousin of the zebra from the dry plains of southern Africa, was the last of its kind.