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Synonyms for quag

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

Synonyms for quag

a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot

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B Hil se quag c Blues, down to 9-4 with Hills to win the title next season after being quoted at 9-2 a fortnight ago, are 5-6 not to be crowned champions in any of the next three years.
Quag had moved on and we moved with it, Huff wearing deerskin
Commonly called "the quag" by fishing regulars, it sort of hangs there when the water is relatively calm.
In the mire beyond the quag, the dark at the end of the tunnel, what's left of value is the reporter and that grunt, a sweet, crazed, vicious hunter of men, driven over the edge and then the edge of the edge.
In South Africa, although various other black women produced autobiographical accounts during the 1980s, and although there were occasional novels and short-story collections published by women in Xhosa (and sometimes another of the African languages), Tlali's second book, Amandla (1980), was the only novel by a black South African woman writing in English to be published from within the country in the course of the 1980s, along with her Soweto Stories (1989; published in South Africa under the title Footprints in the Quag) and Jayapraga Reddy's On the Fringe of Dreamtime and Other Stories (1987).
And Miriam Tlali's Soweto Stories (published in South Africa under the title Footprints in the Quag), which came out at the end of the 1980s, represents women's subordination in a way her earlier novels were not able to do.
No one has ever left Wormwood, but no one has ever wanted to as the Quag that borders the village is too dangerous.
But Vega Jane has seen a fellow villager enter the forbidden and deadly Quag forest adjacent to Wormwood and begins to wonder if leaving her frustratingly constrained world is actually possible.
In other Harry Styles news, the 1D star appears in XO Man's new video for his Family Guy-inspired song, Quag (lyrics include Quagmire" and Giggity).