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a person who drinks heartily

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While agreeing that short skin contact and low temperature mean less varietal extraction, he also thinks the generic, quaffer quality of many roses reflects the (low) quality of the fruit and the (lack of) care in the winemaking.
And the quirky quaffer said the Cumberland Arms, in Byker, is one of the best pubs he's ever set foot in.
Unlike the world of wine, where Japan, though a hearty quaffer, is an under-producer, homegrown whisky is, at least, able to hold its own at the bar.
If the proposal is adopted, the suggested timeframe for full implementation of the expanded operating hours is the second quaffer of 2004.
According to Mulherin (1986) short-term contracting was common in the first quaffer of the twentieth century because the natural gas fields were relatively close to markets.
Subsequent corroboration by informants in that study produced unqualified agreement on two thirds of the constructs, qualified agreement on a quaffer and actual disagreement on only 7 percent.
Women think about their grandchildren's futures; that extends their focus beyond the next quaffer. Women are smart and resourceful.
Prices fell by over 3 per cent in the first quaffer to be some 4.4 per cent lower than a year earlier and sales of houses were some 15 per cent lower than in the last quarter of 1991.
Holden's Golden Glow (4.4%) is a well-known Midlands brew from Dudley and it's soft and attractive flavours make for an ideal summer quaffer. It was third in the golden ales category.
A South of France favourite for ice buckets and dining alfresco, picpoul is a fresh, citrus flavoured white wine and light summer quaffer. For a very drinkable example, try AOC Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de la Viste, Coteaux du Languedoc 2011, France (pounds 7.50, www.jeroboams.co.uk).
Jack Mulligan's Left-Handed Shiraz," a $16 quaffer from, oh, Barossa Valley.
Specialty Examples of Jargon computer programming Boolean operators HTML TCP/IP protocol medicine normal sinus rhythm sedimentation rate tension pneumothorax wine sommelier quaffer legs culinary arts AP weight salamander persillade business strategic relationships core competencies benchmarking FIGURE 11-2 Revising Wordy Expressions.
Served in half litres, the beers include an everyday quaffer called Helles, a wheatbeer, a dark beer and the brewery's signature drop, an unfiltered, creamy beer called Ooo.