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Synonyms for quaff

Synonyms for quaff

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

Synonyms for quaff

a hearty draft

to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught


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In 2007 pheasant harvest was around 880,000 birds and the quaff harvest was around 475,000.
The deal to open Nosh & Quaff in 130 Colmore Row, which was built in 1903, came after Chinese investors acquired the former home of Alliance Assurance in 2014.
To whet your appetite, here is the full list of participants: All Bar One, Asha's Restaurant, Bar Opus, Centenary Lounge, Chung Ying Central, Edmunds Brewhouse, Ginger's Bar, Hindley's Bakery, Hotel du Vin, Java Lounge Coffee House, Jekyll and Hyde, JoJolapa, Metro Bar & Grill, Nosh & Quaff, Old Joint, Stock, Opus at Cornwall Street.
To keep things fresh, they offer a new alcohol-free quaff every other month.
The firm is working with restaurant group Lasan to deliver monthly promotional activity for its lobster bar Nosh & Quaff in Colmore Row and launch the city's all-vegan cafe Natural Healthy Foods The cafe, which started as a pop-up store, has recruited the agency to deliver media and corporate events to promote the new venue in Digbeth while delivering sampling opportunities and supporting a new website launch.
SOCK AMNESTY IN EXCHANGE FOR FREE FOOD AT NOSH & Quaff It's the same story at Nosh & Quaff in Colmore Row in the city centre (owned by the Lasan group which also has Fiesta del Asado).
NOEL Gallagher may be perfectly happy to quaff the fizzy stuff but he's no champagne socialist.
EATING OUT If you don't mind a bit of messy eating, try Nosh And Quaff, Colmore Row - a perfect venue to break the ice - and eat some topnotch food.
But the New Street branch is a continuation of a recent trend in Birmingham of banks being reincarnated as pubs, cafes or restaurants, after the likes of Cosy Club at the Midland Bank building and Nosh and Quaff on Colmore Row.
The fact this Government pays for its civil servants to stayin five-star hotels and quaff vintage claret with their dinner rather than make sure British troops in Iraq are supplied with gear that might just save their lives is an insult to each and every serviceman risking his life to clear up Tony Blair's mess.
Also try: Handmade Burger Co, Five Guys nosH & QUAFF, COLMORE ROW Nosh & Quaff actually does the best hot dog we've ever tasted, but that's not why you go here.
Award-winning Indian restaurant group Lasan opened its new Nosh & Quaff in Colmore Row last week while Cosy Club in Bennetts Hill and Gas Street Social at The Mailbox have both launched in recent months.