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any of several public officials of ancient Rome (usually in charge of finance and administration)

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It is not completely impossible, of course, that our quaestor is the earliest attested case of this new onomastic practice.
99), was quaestor and proquaestor in Asia (113-112), and praetor and proconsul in Cilicia (102-100); L.
Calpurnius Piso in 65 B.C., who went to govern Nearer Spain as quaestor pro praetore, where he was killed (Sall.
Probablemente el precedente legal que utilizo el quaestor encargado de redactar la ley fueron el rescripto de Diocleciano contra los maniqueos (59) y las Sententiae Pauli, dadas las concomitancias lexicas y penales entre estos textos y la ley teodosiana.
Born into a family of equestrian rank in Leptis Magna (Labdah), Africa (April 11, 146); learned Latin as a foreign language, and kept an African accent his whole life; went to Rome to study law (mid-160s); was appointed quaestor militaris to Baetica in Spain, by Emperor Marcus (172); when the Emperor assumed administration of Baetica, Severus was sent to Sardinia as quaestor, and then made legate to the proconsul of Africa (174); served in a series of civil and military posts, rising to command a legion in Syria (c.
"The next time it could be al Qaeda," warned Bill Newton Dunn (ALDE, UK), quaestor in charge of security issues.
Junius Brutus; accompanied Cato the Younger to Cyprus (58); quaestor in Cilicia (53); supported Pompey during his unsuccessful war with Julius Caesar (49-48), but was pardoned by Caesar; governor of Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy) (46) and urban praetor (44); joined conspiracy against Caesar, and was one of those who murdered him in the Senate (March 15, 44); sent east by the Senate (summer 44), he quarreled with Mark Antony and went to Greece instead of Crete as ordered; voted command of troops in Greece, Macedonia, and Illyria by the Senate, and captured a relative of Antony at Appolonia (Albania) (43); campaigned against tribes in Thrace, and compelled the Lycians to aid his cause; refused to return to Italy to help Republicans there; joined forces with G.
Valerius Flaccus, who helped him begin a political career; quaestor under Scipio Africanus (204), then aedile (199) and praetor in Sardinia (198); as consul with his mentor Flaccus (193), he suppressed a revolt in Spain during a long and arduous campaign, for which he was granted a triumph; sent to Greece with the army of Manius Acilius Glabrio to fight King Antiochus III the Great of Seleucia (early 191), he played a major role at the battle of Thermopylae, where Antiochus' expeditionary force was routed (summer?
The flames of that fantasy were fanned by former war hero turned local reporter Wilfred Byford-Jones, who wrote under the pen-name Quaestor.
The flames of that fantasy were fanned by former war hero turned local reporter Wilfred Byford-Jones, who wrote under the pen-name Quaestor. He made the 1943 case his own, drip-feeding his readers the tales of espionage and devil worship they craved.
(QNA) FM's special envoy for counterterrorism meets Italian official HE Dr Mutlaq bin Majed al Qahtani, foreign minister's special envoy for counterterrorism and mediation of conflict resolution, Qatar's Ambassador to Italy HE Abdulaziz bin Ahmad al Malki and Foreign Ministry's Human Rights Department Director HE Ambassador Faisal bin Abdullah al Henzab met with Quaestor of the Italian Chamber of Deputies MP Stefano Dambruoso, who is also head of the parliamentary committee on friendship with Qatar.
1.101) also provides the key detail that Ofelia had declared his candidacy for the consulship <<while still in the equestrian order and before he had been quaestor and praetor, counting on the greatness of his services>>: [phrase omitted].
Magic is derided and forbidden in science-obsessed Penvellyn: all mages have been executed, and Bert is warned by Cassius, a quaestor or investigator in evil Prince Vos's service to avoid any kind of involvement in magical activity.
Esta renta era gestionada por los magistrados municipales de dicha ciudad que, en caso de civitates de cierta entidad, estaria a cargo de un magistrado municipal denominado quaestor alimentorum nombrado ad hoc, seguramente por la curia municipal (13).
Chief executive, Andreas Treichl, also called for a resolution in the dispute over compensation to clients of failed brokerage, Quaestor Zrt.