quadruple time

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a time signature indicating four beats to the bar

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quadruple time? ANSWERS: 1 Gloucestershire; 2 A 6ft invisible white rabbit; 3 She was the last British battleship to be built; 4 Amsterdam; 5 Buffalo; 6 It is not edible until it starts to decay; 7 Music; 8 Kansas; 9 George III; 10 Saved By The Bell.
My money would have been on the footballer every time but that was before I met Doug Mills and saw the Tap Dog doing heel-toe-heel in quadruple time.
He says this year we will have to work double, triple, maybe even quadruple time, and maybe at the end of it all he will give us a little something extra--not quadruple of course, triple either, but something, who knows?
I know there are stories about paying treble and even quadruple time for staff but we understand that and it's something we'll just have to take into account."
Over the course of its history, UBL has won the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy quadruple times while also winning the Pentangular Cup thrice.
The company sparked instant outrage when it initially said rates are quadruple times the usual rate because "demand is off the charts." Uber patrons took to social media to diss the company, which is already currently facing a lot of other backlashes on other issues.