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having four feet

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Therefore, all these activities demand more movements, including gliding that is more energy saving than quadrupedal movements.
2007): Trackway ratio: a new look at trackway gauge in the analysis of quadrupedal dinosaur trackways and its implications for icnotaxonomy.
She said that bipedal jerboas and quadrupedal jirds share the same habitat, predators, food source, and active hours and it appears that their different forms of locomotion create differing predator evasion abilities, allowing jerboas to forage further from their burrows, thus limiting interspecific competition.
Chesterton was at first influenced by Belloc's ideas, but the mutual admiration eventually developed into a friendship and life-long intellectual cooperation which George Bernard Shaw saw as a "most dangerous conspiracy," a quadrupedal chimera he named "Chester-Belloc" This fire-breathing monster with a lion's head attacked many fads and misconceptions, including Shaw's progressive Fabian socialism and evolutionism as well as H.
Born in France, Parkour involves practitioners (called traceurs) training to overcome obstacles in their path by adapting their movements (Typically running, climbing, jumping, vaulting and quadrupedal movement) to the given environment for the purpose of reaching somewhere or something or escaping from someone or something.
Quadrupedal coordination of bipedal gait: implications for movement disorders.
The solidly quadrupedal stance of the later giant sauropods, such as Gordo, the ROM's Barosaurus, and the massive Futalognkosaurus, which will be on display during the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition, mirrored the baby proportions of their forebears, an evolutionary phenomenon known as paedomorphosis--adults retaining juvenile traits.
The constructal-law direction is from long to tall, and this too agrees with the evolution of animal locomotion: bipedal locomotion evolved after quadrupedal locomotion.
The first section reviews general osteology, describing major features of bone and growth and development, and comparing quadrupedal mammals to human bones.
Jumping, running, vaulting, climbing, balancing and quadrupedal movement are all part of parkour.
The mutually exclusive categories used for behavior observation Behavior Description Contact Nose to nose contacting, which included touching each other Move Quadrupedal ambulatory movement, which included partial or full extension bipedal Other Either licking or scratching in grooming bout, or not moving at all Table 2.
They stay in shape by doing push-ups, sprint drills and quadrupedal movements on all fours.
R]e-EN It[R]e-es the first time we try to construct a quadrupedal robot.