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Synonyms for quadruped

an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking

having four feet

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[2] Hence we have good evidence that the above enumerated gigantic quadrupeds, more different from those of the present day than the oldest of the tertiary quadrupeds of Europe, lived whilst the sea was peopled with most of its present inhabitants; and we have confirmed that remarkable law so often insisted on by Mr.
The beds including the above fossil remains, stand only from fifteen to twenty feet above the level of high-water; and hence the elevation of the land has been small (without there has been an intercalated period of subsidence, of which we have no evidence) since the great quadrupeds wandered over the surrounding plains; and the external features of the country must then have been very nearly the same as now.
The numbers indeed of the lion, panther, and hyaena, and the multitude of birds of prey, plainly speak of the abundance of the smaller quadrupeds: one evening seven lions were counted at the same time prowling round Dr.
The belief that where large quadrupeds exist, the vegetation must necessarily be luxuriant, is the more remarkable, because the converse is far from true.
With regard to the number of large quadrupeds, there certainly exists no quarter of the globe which will bear comparison with Southern Africa.
With these facts we must grant, as far as quantity alone of vegetation is concerned, that the great quadrupeds of the later tertiary epochs might, in most parts of Northern Europe and Asia, have lived on the spots where their remains are now found.
This is often the case with those which may strictly be said to struggle with each other for existence, as in the case of locusts and grass-feeding quadrupeds. But the struggle almost invariably will be most severe between the individuals of the same species, for they frequent the same districts, require the same food, and are exposed to the same dangers.
A great improvement might be made in the formation of all quadrupeds; especially those in which velocity is a virtue.
They cover nature engaged and disengaged, animal imagery as a means to describe "the Other" in ancient Egypt, shaming by naming, noble hounds for aristocrats and stray dogs for heretics, you are the animal you eat, and "An Entertaining Tale of Quadruped." (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
In a statement about the robot, the researchers explained: "The long-term goal of the project is to create the hardware, software and algorithms for robust quadruped vehicles for rough terrain that can be tailored to a variety of applications, such as disaster response, agriculture, decommissioning, and inspection."
On Wednesday, May 22, Daza shared a video of her and Curtis' grueling warm-up, which consists of 20 reps of a modified quadruped squat, alternating lunge with weights, 20 reps of static frog jumps, 20 reps of standing medicine ball to knee touches, 12 reps of squat into a shoulder press, 12 reps of thrusters and one minute of mountain climbers.
A new set of fossils have been found in the Pisco Basin, along the southern coast of Peru, that point to an ancient species of quadruped whales that existed on land and sea, according to a (https://www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(19)30220-9) report from the scientific journal Cell.
The quadruped robot weighs around 9 kgand can trot at 2.5m/s under half its actuator torque and speed, meaning it can go even faster if required.
Bajadasaurus was a quadruped and part of the wider Sauropod family that lived from the late Triassic period (around 230 million years ago) until the end of the late Cretaceous (70 million years ago).
Later, when we expanded our family with a quadruped before we had a child, we gave no thought to how that quadruped would react when a child arrived on the scene and it had to share our affection, attention and time, and we certainly did not consider for even a moment whether we had the financial means to cover the costs of a large dog and a child and our frequent journeys to remote parts of the country with all the paraphernalia that both of them entailed.