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(Middle Ages) a higher division of the curriculum in a medieval university involving arithmetic and music and geometry and astronomy

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In his Etymologiarum, Isidore divides sciences into the Trivium (grammar, rhetoric, dialectic) and Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy), medicine, law (divine, human), "chronology," the New and Old Testaments, "divinity," and "religion," paying obeisance, moreover, to philosophers, poets, sibyls, magicians, pagans, and heathen gods.
We are then advised by the Postgraduate Tutor, Dr Wodlea, to stay and complete the MA; our syllabus consists now of the Quadrivium, including the study of music, but, just before we qualify for the MA in 1508, a vacancy for a schoolmaster occurs at Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, and after much discussion, the Careers Tutor, Dr Wodellegh, advises us to take the post, pointing out that we shall be looked after by our patrons (Wykehamists, of course!) and will not be disadvantaged in our chosen schoolteaching career by not having the MA.
Included in Quadrivium are Juan Alvites, James Alers, Courtney Barbieri, Rebecca Jane Batchelder, Adam Bullock, Bethany Coderre, Gabby Daniels, Beverly Darling-Slater, Alexis Fontanez, Rebecca Friedline, Camille Gagnon-Fors, Margo Gelardi, Kylee Gosler, Monique Graves, Frank Iaquinta, Tiana Justiniano, Sarah Kary, Dan Lee, William Mann, Ashley McGeachie, Driscoll McKenney-Lydick, Joseph Moynihan, Antoine Murphy, Lina Nguyen, Niah Pridgeon, Amanda Ruderman, Khrystina Snell and Lukas Therien.
Burncoat High School Select Chorus, also known as Quadrivium, received The Voices of Liberty trophy and the highest rating of Outstanding Performance at the Invitational Honors Festival March 24 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.
109) resonates with the observation that the early eighteenth century saw the final dissolution of music from the Greek Quadrivium; music's academic and mathematical qualities having been largely usurped by the relatively new field of acoustics as discussed and analyzed by the ever growing Royal Society.
Quadrivium, the traveling chorus, goes to the Disney Honors Music Festival soon.
Strictly speaking, John Tucke's manuscript does not represent lecture notes; it does, however, convey a good sense of what the sixteenth-century student of the quadrivium was expected to swallow in the way of music theory; and, of course, much of this was Pythagoras, Boethius, and the rest.
Her group and choruses from Seven Hills Charter School and the Burncoat High School Quadrivium all performed throughout the three-hour event aimed at highlighting the cultural attractions their hometown has to offer.
Some of the performers will include Worcester Children's Chorus; Jo Ann Warren Dance; Pakachoag Music School of Greater Worcester's Unison of Violins (12 violinists); Charlotte Klein's Dance Center - Worcester; Joy of Music Program Jazz Ensemble; In Da Zone (hip-hop); Worcester WAIT Team (hip-hop); Seven Hills Show Choir; Seven Hills Stomp Team (also from Seven Hills Charter School); The Youth Ballet of Worcester; Burncoat Senior High School Select Chorus - "Quadrivium"; Burncoat Senior School Dance Team; Trinity Chorister (Trinity Lutheran Church); All Saints Choirs (All Saints Church); Worcester Youth Symphony Orchestra; Notre Dame Academy Chamber Chorale; Worcester State College Chorale; and the Shrewsbury Ringers (hand bell ringers).
Giving thanks in this tough economic climate, even with the Thanksgiving-Christmas Holiday season upon us, is easier than you think - especially if you are a member of the Burncoat High School Select Chorus, the Quadrivium.
The chorus, also known as the Quadrivium, will perform and a reception will follow.
Students from Thorndyke Road School, the All City Chorus and the Burncoat High Quadrivium provided the music.
WORCESTER - The Burncoat High School select chorus Quadrivium won awards at the 28th annual Heritage Festival in Williamsburg, Va., over the weekend, including first in the small chorus category.
Classification and fine distinctions permeated the writings of those who studied the quadrivium (arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy) as well as the writings of those dedicated to more advanced topics in theology and philosophy.
In ancient Athens in Greece, there were two classifications of learning and these were the trivium (grammar, rhetoric and logic) and the quadrivium (astronomy, arithmetic, geometry, and music).